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10/06/2022 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/06/2022 06:56

Governor Sejko receives the ''Appreciation Award '' given by the Faculty of Economics, Business and Development, European University of Tirana

On 6 October 2022, the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Gent Sejko, was invited to the European University of Tirana by the Faculty of Economics, Business and Development, in the ceremony of the "Appreciation Award" for the most distinguished figures in the field of economics and finance in Albania.

In this ceremony, the faculty awarded Governor Sejko with the "Appreciation Award" for the continuous support of qualitative scientific research and the promotion of young researchers in the field of economics and finance in Albania". The award was presented to the Governor by the Dean, Mr. Elvin Meka.

On this occasion, Governor Sejko held a speech for the attendees. Firstly, he thanked and congratulated all the academic staff and heads of the European University of Tirana, for their work and commitment during almost two decades in regard to the education of the younger generations and preparing them for the labour market. "The education of the youth is very important and serves as a prerequisite for having successful and stable macroeconomic and financial policies, not only in Albania, but everywhere in the world," said the Governor. In regard to this, the Bank of Albania has always been a close partner of universities, students and departments of economics and finance, in Albania and abroad.

In this context, the Governor stated that through its research, the Bank of Albania has always intended at including as many distinguished figures of the academic world as possible, in order to discuss economic and financial phenomena, exchange opinions, experiences and to present and discuss research methodologies for the generation empirical results on the risks and challenges that the Global and Albanian economy is faced with.

Also, the Bank of Albania has been keen to create activities aimed at increasing cooperation and interaction with universities and their students. In this regard, the BoA, for the last 15 years, has held the activity "Governor's Award for the Best Diploma Thesis", as a contest that selects the three best diploma related to the field of economics and finance, with the aim to promote and reward the research work of students, to motivate their courage and capacity to undertake in-depth studies on important issues of economics and finance. Many of the winners of this contest are now employees of Bank of Albania and are part of a young and prepared staff committed to research.

At the end, expressing his gratitude to the UET for the appraisal, the Governor stated that the Bank of Albania has been and will continue to be open for fruitful collaborations with universities and the academic world, and will gladly respond to any other invitation for further collaborations.