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08/10/2021 | Press release | Archived content

VIPAR Heavy Duty Promotes Independent Distribution Through Support of 'We Supply America' Campaign


VIPAR Heavy Duty Promotes Independent Distribution Through Support of "We Supply America" Campaign

As an advocate for independent distributors, VIPAR Heavy Duty is proud to be involved in and actively support the We Supply America tour, a national campaign highlighting the noble calling of distribution and the stories of the people behind the businesses. Hosted and produced by visionary entrepreneur, author and speaker, Dirk Beveridge, of UnleashWD, We Supply America shares the under-told stories of leaders and frontline employees in distribution businesses across trades through an eight-episode, broadcast-quality streaming docuseries.

VIPAR Heavy Duty distributor Hovis Auto & Truck Supply based in Mercer, Penn. will be featured in the We Supply America episode airing Thursday, August 12 at 3 p.m. CT on and will be available on demand after the premiere.

"I truly believe that there is a noble calling to distribution and part of my mission is to show the inherent goodness of people in the business," said Dirk Beveridge, executive producer, We Supply America. "Visiting with multi-generational distributors, like Hovis, is rewarding because I see how deeply they believe in and care for their employees. People are their family and the entrepreneurial spirit they share with others encourages the entire team to dream big. Hovis Auto & Truck Supply is a perfect example - their commitment to creating opportunity for their employees and customers is inspiring."

Beveridge continues to travel coast-to-coast via RV meeting with distributors to share their inspiration and insight on his website and social media channels. Through his many conversations, Beveridge has identified pillars that set family-owned, independent distributors apart from corporations and a common thread based on human connection - family, appreciation for people and taking care of the customer.

"As home of the independent truck parts distributor, VIPAR Heavy Duty recognizes the critical role that distribution and the people who fuel it play in supporting not only the heavy duty and transportation industries, but the overall economy across North America," said Jeff Paul, vice president of marketing, VIPAR Heavy Duty. "Dirk's passion for distribution and his vision for We Supply America provided an exciting opportunity for our network to help build momentum behind messaging that supports independent distribution and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives it, of which VIPAR Heavy Duty is founded in."