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05/14/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/14/2024 17:19

Open Society Supports Podcast Focused on Democracy’s Challenges and Opportunities

The Open Society Foundations are proud to announce that it is supporting a new podcast series by UK-based Tortoise Media, What's Wrong with Democracy?

The series will be hosted by Ben Ansell, professor of Comparative Democratic Institutions at the University of Oxford and author of How Politics Fails.

Every week, academics, journalists, activists, and writers from around the world will join for conversations about the impact technology, conflict, AI, and protest, among other things, are having on democracy.

Mark Malloch-Brown, president of the Open Society Foundations, said: "This biggest election year in history is an ideal moment for a podcast that goes beyond the ballot box to look at the structures, norms, and behaviors-the ongoing participation of all citizens-that power democracy. The question posed invites us to delve into why democracy has for many years retreated globally-and what makes democracy worth protecting and renewing."

Ben Ansell, the series host, said: "While democracy may be beset by enemies from within and without, it remains our best hope to bridge our inevitable divides and handle our disagreements agreeably. In What's Wrong With Democracy?, we won't fall into despair. We'll also spell out what's right with democracy and have a sharp, entertaining, and practical debate about how to protect and rebuild our body politic."

James Harding, founder and editor of Tortoise, said: "At Tortoise, we love a question and this one-What's wrong with democracy?-most of all. We all know the rules, the political parties, and the media could do with a rethink. Then there's the dangerous creep of corruption, abuse of power, pseudo-democrats, and demagoguery. In our politics, what's not working, what can make it better? If ever there was a time to work it out, it's now."

The first episode will be available to listeners on Wednesday, May 22, on all podcast platforms. Episodes will be released every Wednesday.

Listen to the trailer.