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04/29/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/29/2024 00:22

ABS Expands Industry-leading Guidance for Fire Protection on Containerships

(Houston) ABS, a leading provider of classification and technical services to the offshore and marine industries, has updated the ABS Guide for Fire-Fighting Systems for On-Deck Cargo Areas of Container Carriers (FOC Guide), expanding its industry-leading guidance to the existing containership fleet.

"ABS is constantly looking at new approaches to expand safety in the industries that we serve," says ABS Executive Vice President for Global Marine Dr. Kirsi Tikka. "By broadening this Guide, ABS makes it possible for owners to apply the same degree of assessment and review to their active fleets that they do for new construction."

The FOC Guide goes beyond International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for container deck firefighting capabilities by supporting owners in navigating risks based on the unique characteristics of each container load, location of the container on the vessel and various firefighting spray patterns. The FOC Guide takes a comprehensive approach to assessing firefighting system pressure and capacity, while accounting for vessel size in its requirements. The new FOC-R notation provides guidance that can be effectively applied to existing vessels leading to an enhanced standard for container deck fire-fighting.

"Key for the owners and operators is the ability to protect life and cargo onboard," says ABS Vice President for Containerships Matthew Tremblay. "By applying this Guide, containership owners can demonstrate a commitment to safety and fire protection that supports more secure operations."

For more than 50 years, ABS has been a trusted technical advisor for the containership sector. From the very first containership in operation to today's most advanced ships, ABS is an industry leader. No other class organization has a comparable track record for aiding the containership sector in identifying and leveraging new concepts to improve operations, protect the environment and enhance safety.

To download the ABS Guide for Fire-Fighting Systems for On-Deck Cargo Areas of Container Carriers go to www.eagle.org.


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