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Crew of 21 Singkep 1 Dredgers Give First

Crew of 21 Singkep 1 Dredgers Give First Aid to Akbar Fisherman of Sungailiat who Experienced a Sea Accident

  • 05 September 2023


BANGKA -- PT Timah Tbk's 21 Singkep 1 Dredger Crew managed to help rescue Malikul Akbar (33), a fisherman who had an accident in the Air Kantung Sea, Bangka Regency, Tuesday (5/9/2023) early morning.

The boat owned by Akbar, a resident of Fisherman 1 Sungailiat, Bangka Regency, was overturned by a wave. Seeing PT Timah Tbk's Dredge 21 Singkep 1 not far from the surroundings, Akbar took the initiative to swim towards the dredger.

One of PT Timah Tbk's Dredger 21 Singkep 1 Crew who was on guard on the port side of the Dredger saw a flashlight shining on the KK area and immediately confirmed this to the command room and security officers.

PT Timah Tbk's 21 Singkep 1 Dredger Crew was on standby to help Akbar, not long after that Akbar arrived near the dredger and was immediately assisted by the team to get on board.

The crew also worked hard to do first aid, such as changing Akbar's clothes, preparing drinks and food, and allowing Akbar to rest.

Not only that, the KK 21 Singkep 1 crew also tried to contact Akbar's family and the family reported this incident to the Bangka Belitung Islands Police Headquarters Directorate of Polairud in the Jetik area.

Akbar was then picked up by the Polairud Dit Post to return to land at 06.00 and is now able to gather with his family.

"Thank God I was safe and now I'm home. This incident occurred when I was about to go home around 01.00 WIB but suddenly a big wave came from behind and my ship was rolled over by the waves," he said when contacted, on Tuesday (5/9/2023).

Seeing that the dredger was at that location, he took the initiative to reach the dredger so he could get first aid. The reason is, that he has to swim for about an hour to arrive at the dredger.

"I took the initiative to go to the dredger, because if not I had to go even further to the edge of the mat. The energy started to decrease, and even then I swam for almost an hour. Thank God, when I got to the dredger, I was immediately assisted, amazingly, the dredger crew helped me," he said.

"I was immediately given a change of clothes, given drinks and food, and a bed to rest. They also helped to inform my family through their acquaintances. Thank you very much. I was very much helped and you could say I was saved," he continued.

He also prayed that the KK 21 Singkep 1 crew would always be in good health and safe in seeking sustenance.

"Thank you very much, I hope it goes smoothly for KK 21 Singkep 1," he said.

Separately, the Head of the Bangka Regency HNSI Lukman said that his party had received news about a sea accident that had befallen their colleague. He said he was grateful, PT Timah Tbk, in this case KK 21 Singkep 1, was back to help fishermen.

"We appreciate the alertness and concern that has helped our colleagues at sea. Because when we are at sea, we all know each other, we help each other," he said.

According to Lukman, currently, the weather is unfriendly and unpredictable. For this reason, he appealed to fishermen to be careful when going out to sea and must always prioritize safety.

"PT Timah Tbk often helps fishermen, including helping fishermen who have had accidents. We also continue to maintain harmonization and synergy with PT Timah Tbk because PT Timah Tbk cares a lot about fishermen," he said. (*)