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Yusen Logistics Launches the Rail Transport Service Connecting Hanoi and Europe Utilizing China Vietnam Freight Trains: Our Solutions to Ocean Freight Disruptions through Asia[...]

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Yusen Logistics Launches the Rail Transport Service Connecting Hanoi and Europe Utilizing China-Vietnam Freight Trains: Our Solutions to Ocean Freight Disruptions through Asia-Europe Supply Chains


Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroyuki Okamoto) has started to provide the rail transport service from Hanoi, Vietnam to Europe utilizing freight trains between China and Vietnam, enhancing cross-border transport services which connect ASEAN countries and Europe.

Freight trains which link China and Vietnam are regularly operated and solutions for realizing stable mass transport with transport demands rapidly growing. Our new rail transport service is one of the few solutions that utilizes railways between ASEAN countries and Europe. Shipments are transported from Hanoi, Vietnam to Chongqing, China by China-Vietnam freight trains, then transferred to the China-Europe Railway Express, which connects China and Europe, and the cargoes will be delivered across Europe. We arrange cargo collection, vanning operation at our own CFS, import/export customs clearance, and final mile delivery. In addition, shipments status can be updated in real-time with our end-to-end service. Furthermore, we are the only Japanese freight forwarder who has a large logistics center by the terminal station in Duisburg, Germany, and we handle devanning operation, cross-docking, and delivery to all around Europe. Prior to the launch of the service, we arranged trial shipments to Germany in March, having achieved stable, high-quality transport, we have been providing our railway transport services to our customers.

Cross-border transport utilizing railways is not only a BCP measure in your supply chain, but also you can optimize your lead time and take advantage of a green solution significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Due to the Red Sea crisis, ocean transport from Asia to Europe needs extended lead time, as well as shipping container shortage and tight on space resulted from an increase of cargo demand out of Asia. The situation continues to cause disruption to ocean freight, including a sharp rise in shipping costs. With international rail transport option, lead time will be shortened by approximately 18 days⁽*¹⁾ compared to the Cape route, and GHG emissions will be reduced by approximately 50%⁽*²⁾ compared to ocean transport via the detour route.

In 2023, we began to provide the rail transport service to Europe utilizing China-Laos Railway. To respond to the further growth in transport demand between Europe and ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia, we will continue to aim to expand intermodal transport services with international railways. In Vietnam, in addition to our brand-new service from Hanoi, we are also in the process of verifying an international rail transport service from Ho Chi Minh City.

As a partner generating sustainable growth with our customers and as a core company of the NYK Group, who has set ESG as a growth strategy, we will enhance our optimal supply chain logistics services and promote initiatives with a sustainable long-term perspective.

⁽*¹⁾Based on our transport record.
⁽*²⁾Calculated with our GHG emissions calculator "CO2 e-calculator" (https://e-cal.yusen-logistics.com/). TTW (Tank to Wheel) Basis.

CFS of Yusen Logistics (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
Transloading to freight trains in Dong Anh, Vietnam
Chongqing, China
Duisburg, Germany

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