Matanuska Electric Association Inc.

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Susitna East District Candidate – Robert Doyle

Robert Doyle
Susitna East District, Incumbent

How many years have you lived in MEA's service area? 37 years.

Why I wish to serve on MEA's Board of Directors (200 word maximum):
I wish to continue my service to Matanuska Electric Association and lead in our mission to provide reliable and affordable power to our growing membership. For over 75 years, MEA has met our members' increasing need for electrical power. Now we own and operate Eklutna Generating Station which can provide up to 170 Megawatts of power with the lowest grams of carbon output per kilowatt hour in the railbelt. This dual fueled power plant supports renewable wind and solar power with a reliable base load. We have increased our use of renewable and affordable hydro power. The Board has worked with staff to improve our performance and we are always open to a better idea. We improved our equity levels and restored the payment of capital credit retirements. We were prepared for emergencies such as the recent earthquake. We are always trying to find the right balance to serve your long term interests. Our focus has been on safety, reliability, affordability, and your peace of mind. We are not for profit and we are locally controlled. I am asking for your vote.

Biography (400 word maximum):
I was elected to the Board in 2010 and have served for the past nine years never missing a meeting. During my tenure on the Board, I have successfully completed training as a Credentialed Cooperative Director, the Board Leadership Certificate, and the Director Gold program through National Rural Electrical Association (NRECA). I have served as your Board's Secretary/Treasurer for three years. I have served on and chaired the finance committee and the audit committee. I have worked with the entire Board in policy reviews and improvements. I was happy to help our team of Board members and staff to open our Eklutna Generating Station, and to improve our equity level and restore capital credit retirements. MEA has been prepared and very responsive during emergencies. We continue to work hard to with other utilities to improve and strengthen reliability throughout the railbelt. We are incorporating more and more renewable power including hydro, solar, and wind. We have the lowest grams of carbon output per kilowatt hour in the railbelt. I am proud of our accomplishments and I am asking for your vote to serve another term.