University of Colorado at Boulder

02/21/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/21/2024 15:48

New center designed to inspire curiosity, community and action in environmental science

Increasingly, people are searching for ways to build community and to make sense of and respond to today's environmental challenges. To meet that need, a team of educational researchers, evaluators, curriculum developers, and outreach and engagement experts at CU Boulder are launching a new center-the CIRES Center for Education, Engagement, and Evaluation (CEEE). Formerly known as the CIRES Education & Outreach program, the new center is dedicated to three broad goals: excellence and inclusion in environmental science education, career development and training for scientists, and engaging with diverse audiences.

"Our goal is to bridge the gap between scientific research and societal impact," said Anne Gold, director of CEEE. "We want to empower people to become informed agents of change in environmental challenges."

CEEE (pronounced "C-triple-E") currently runs over 30 projects focused on connecting environmental science and people to inspire curiosity, community, and action. The center's education work is innovative, culturally responsive, and evidence-based. For example, the HEART Force curriculum uses small-group activities and scenario-based games to empower students, teachers, and communities to build resilience to environmental hazards. CEEE engages with diverse audiences, including through We are Water, which brings a traveling exhibition that weaves together community knowledge and locally relevant science topics about water to rural, Indigenous, and Latino communities in the desert Southwest.