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Meeting of the State Council Commission on Tourism, Physical Fitness and Sport

The meeting was attended by Oleg Khorokhordin Khorokhordin OlegHead and Prime Minister of the Republic of Altai, Head of the Altai Republic, Vladimir Solodov Solodov VladimirGovernor of the Kamchatka Territory, Governor of the Kamchatka Territory, as well as representatives of federal and regional executive authorities, and businesses and the expert community.

Opening the meeting, Igor Levitin Levitin IgorAide to the Presidentnoted that Altai is a unique point of attraction for tourists, the number of which is growing every year, largely due to the development of the tourism industry and ski resorts. The all-season resort Manzherok is the result of cooperation between the Government of the Altai Republic and Sberbank. It is important that more examples like this appear in our country - new modern, comfortable and safe resorts created through the synergy of regional government and business.

They discussed the development of tourism with snowmobiles and other off-road recreation vehicles, as well as staffing at tourism attraction sites, including ski resorts. The participants in the meeting also discussed the prospects for import substitution for goods and equipment for ski resorts. They noted that the sanctions create new opportunities for the development of domestic industry, including the manufacture of products for the tourism industry. In order to organise this production, along with measures of state support, it is necessary to consolidate tourism industry items with key items in general product manufacturing.

Head of the State Council Commission on Tourism, Physical Fitness and Sport Oleg Kozhemyako Kozhemyako OlegGovernor of Primorye Territoryand representatives of the ski tourism industry noted the problem of regulatory barriers in the development of ski centres. In order to create favourable conditions for the construction of downhill ski slopes, ropeways, snowmaking systems and other tourist infrastructure, some issues of forest management in recreational ski resort areas require certain adjustments, thus, it is necessary to make changes to forest and land management legislation.

The discussion resulted in proposals that will be forwarded for further consideration among the federal and regional executive authorities responsible for the development and implementation of state policy in tourism, education, and in the use and protection of natural resources.

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