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How to Sell Jewelry Online

6. Add your product listings

Once you have a store page, you can start adding your product listings.

On a site like Squarespace, you can add products in three ways:

  1. Add them individually

  2. Bulk upload via a spreadsheet

  3. Add them via your dropship or print on demand service

Take product photos

If you sell your own products, you'll need to take photos to include in listings. While it's nice to have professional photos of your products, it's possible to take your own product photos.

When taking photos, make sure you have good lighting. Choose a neutral background and try to keep them consistent across products. If you can, get some photos of someone wearing your jewelry or of your jewelry alongside another item, so shoppers can see the size.

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Write product descriptions

Since online shoppers can't see or hold your jewelry in person, your product descriptions have to fill in the gaps for them. Keep descriptions to 300 words or less and list important details like measurements, sizes, and materials.

Your product description and title can also help you rank in search engine results. Consider common search terms that might send someone to your product listing, like "gold pendant necklace", and add them to the product name or description.

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7. Set your shipping rates

As the store owner, you have the option to set any shipping rate you want. The most common methods are to charge exactly what it costs you to ship items, offer free shipping but build the cost of shipping into your product prices, or a combination of the two.

The common shipping options for stores are:

You'll most likely have predictable box sizes, weights, and types for your jewelry. That could make flat rate, weight-dependent, or free shipping good options, since your costs will be relatively low.

If you're selling through a dropshipping or print on demand service, you'll need to find the shipping rates your services uses and indicate them on your website.

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8. Set up payment options

Before you can start selling, you need to set up a way to get paid. Choose a trusted payment tool that gives your customers multiple options for how they pay. This gives them flexibility, which can ensure they make it through checkout.

Alternative payment methods take roadblocks out of checkout. If someone doesn't have to look for a card or can pay for their purchase over time, it's easier for them to decide to buy.

If you sell in person, such as within your store or at pop-up events, you can also connect a POS system to your store. This will sync your inventory with your website after making an in-person sale. On Squarespace, you can do this by connecting a Square card reader to the Squarespace app on your mobile device.