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06/07/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/06/2024 23:41

World Oceans Day: How we are innovating for a more sustainable shipping industry

The United Nations World Oceans Day aims to raise global awareness of the benefits we derive from the oceans and our duty to use its resources responsibly. This year, the theme of World Oceans Day is 'awakening new depths' - a call to motivate widespread momentum to help solve the state of our oceans. At Alfa Laval, we have already begun to answer this call.

Supporting energy efficiency and low-carbon fuels

The current global system relies heavily on the shipping industry to transfer materials, parts, and goods around the world. According to the International Chamber of Shipping, around 11 billion tons of goods are transported by sea each year. The marine industry is one of Alfa Laval's core customer segments and we collaborate with our partners, customers, and thought leaders worldwide to challenge conventional thinking on quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Central to this work is empowering our customers to decarbonize and optimize energy use. We offer solutions that enable the transition to low-carbon fuels, including liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas. Our technology also allows vessels to use their existing Alfa Laval equipment with biofuels, which can provide carbon neutrality when produced from the right biomass. We recently launched the world's first methanol-fired steam boiler solutions, which are designed with decarbonization and fuel transition in mind and can be used with carbon-neutral green methanol. We are also developing technical solutions to facilitate the safe use of ammonia as a clean fuel. In parallel, our technologies and solutions within heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling allow for more energy-efficient vessels, reducing fuel usage and emissions.

Innovating for sustainable shipping

Beyond shifting away from carbon intensive fuels, we are also revolutionizing the shipping industry with innovations that reduce emissions and improve performance. OceanGlide, for example, creates an air layer across the bottom of a vessel. This reduces friction and drag between the hull and the water, meaning less propulsion power is needed, lower fuel costs, and less CO2 emissions. StormGeo's innovative digital solutions for voyage planning, route optimization, weather, and fleet performance enable the ships to enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risk, improve safety, optimize fleets, and make sustainable route choices.
In a joint venture with our partner Wallenius, we are developing Oceanbird - wing sails for existing and newly built vessels. The giant sails mean vessels use a free and readily available power source, wind, for assisted or full sailing. While still in development, this highly-anticipated innovation has the potential to play a critical role in reducing the shipping industry's climate impact.
To protect marine ecosystems, we have developed solutions that reduce water pollution and clean wastewater of oil and other waste materials to be reused in operations. Our ballast water management solutions use safe technology to protect the oceans from invasive species and ensure compliance. We are constantly innovating to help customers meet the increasing regulations connected to the safekeeping of our oceans.