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Taguhi Tovmasyan Answers the Statement Made by Human Rights Committee of Parliament of Azerbaijan

Taguhi Tovmasyan Answers the Statement Made by Human Rights Committee of Parliament of Azerbaijan

The Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs Taguhi Tovmasyan spread a statement in response to the statement of the Chair of the Human Rights Committee of Parliament of Azerbaijan.

Taguhi Tovmasyan's statement particularly says:

"In Azerbaijan known with war crimes, in fact, exists Human Rights Committee.

The statement made by the Chair of the Human Rights Committee of Parliament of Azerbaijan Z. Oruj is spread on the websites that Azerbaijan took over Shushi, and will take over Yerevan with peace.

I draw attention of my international colleagues to the circumstance that this official of Azerbaijan engaged with human rights, in fact, ignores the key provisions on the protection of human rights, by which the states are obliged to be guided in their international relations.

In particular, with this statement the Chair of the Human Rights Committee, in fact, welcomes the behavior of Azerbaijan that Azerbaijan, violating the fundamental principles of the peaceful settlement of the disputes, refraining from exercising of force or its threat put on the basis of the negotiations of the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict, as well as stipulated by the UN Charter, in the OSCE Helsinki Final Act, launched large-scale aggression against Artsakh on September 27, 2020, used weaponry prohibited by universal international law, targeted the civilian population and infrastructure of Artsakh. And as a consequence of war crimes of Azerbaijan the loss of thousands of human lives, sadly, does not interest in any way this official engaged with human rights.

Z. Oruj, faithful to the conquest policy of Azerbaijan, speaks about invading the capital of the Republic of Armenia, the subject of international law, which is flagrant violation of international law.

Regarding the latter's mentioned peace, I underline your peace:

-Daily shooting and mortal fire,

-The direct targeting of the Armenian peaceful population, the servicemen's murders and

injuries, the direct targeting of the civilian population,

-Keeping as hostages, prisoners of war and the civilians, the extrajudicial killings of the

Armenian servicemen and the civilians appeared as captives,

-The forcible disappearing,

-The tortures, the severe and inhumane treatment towards the civilians, including the women,

-The ethnic hatred towards Armenian people, bringing into life the state policy of the

implementation of a new genocide,

-The blockade of Artsakh and the blocking of the connection with the world,

-The blocking of the food supplies to the children, the violations of the right to their life,

-The blocking of necessary medical aid to the wounded,

-In general, the dishonor towards international humanitarian right…

Perhaps, I will remind this official that the agenda of your peace is so false that the International Court of Justice obliged you:

1."To protect all the persons from violence and bodily injuries, who were kept as prisoners,

conditioned by the armed conflict in 2020, and still continue remaining prisoners and ensure their security and equality before the law,"

2."Take all necessary measures to prevent the provocation and boosting of the racial hatred and

discrimination targeting the ethnic Armenians, including by the officials and state institutions of Azerbaijan."

At the same time, you can take as information that the cases of gross violations of human rights being implemented by Azerbaijan during the aggression against Artsakh in 2020 and after that were in the final observations of the UN Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination on the Fulfillment of Obligations Assumed by Azerbaijan with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

And you can get acquainted with the information on disgraceful state of human rights in your country quoting the following reports of the Freedom House for 2021, 2022 .