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Member of the European Parliament, Laura Ballarín, visits REIG JOFRE plant in Barcelona

Member of the European Parliament, Laura Ballarín, visits REIG JOFRE plant in Barcelona

16 February 2024

Marta Español, Àlex Garcia Reig, Laura Ballarín, Belén García, Ignasi Biosca, Marc Cabañas

REIG JOFRE, a pharmaceutical company listed on the continuous market of the Spanish stock exchange has received a visit to its state-of-the-art plant for the production of injectable medicines for hospital use. The visitor was Laura Ballarín Cereza, a Member of the European Parliament from the progressive group of Socialists and Democrats, and the Secretary of European and International Politics for the Socialist Party of Catalonia. She was accompanied by the Mayor of San Joan Despí, Belén García.

The Member of the European Parliament has been briefed on the new plant of REIG JOFRE, approved by Health Authorities, and considered one of the most modern in Europe. The facility is equipped with the latest isolator technology, cutting-edge equipment, and process automation designed for the aseptic production of finished pharmaceutical products (formulation and filling) at the highest levels of quality and biosafety. These installations place them at the forefront of global production.

An advanced technological plant aimed at meeting the demand for injectable medications, exploring new international markets, and expanding third-party manufacturing services. It is tailored to produce various types of vaccines (messenger RNA, viral vector, or protein) and other biological medications. The new plant enhances energy efficiency and production, tripling the existing capacity to 45 million lyophilized vials and up to 50 million annual vials with liquid solution.

The REIG JOFRE team had the opportunity to discuss with Ms. Ballarín a crucial issue: the need for new pharmaceutical legislation to consider solutions that promote the development of new antimicrobial medications. During the meeting, the complexity faced by the pharmaceutical industry in keeping older antibiotics essential for the national health system in the market was highlighted, primarily due to the jeopardized profitability they encounter. Another prominent topic was the importance of establishing incentives for incremental innovation as an effective way to facilitate access to these medications for all patient populations.

The meeting resulted in a constructive exchange of ideas and perspectives on the current and future landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, emphasizing the need for policies that promote research and equitable access to the most innovative treatments.

REIG JOFRE organizes its activities into the divisions of Pharmaceutical Technologies (antibiotics and injectables), Specialty Pharmacare (osteoarticular and dermatology), and Consumer Healthcare. The company has its own teams in Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, and the United Kingdom, and collaborates with 160 business partners in over 70 countries.