Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia

11/19/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/19/2019 13:23

Statement of Minister of Defence of Estonia

The statement of the Minister of Defence of Estonia regarding comments made by Minister of Interior of Estonia to Iltalehti.

The Estonian Government has not discussed any plan B as referred by the Minister of Interior. Such talks are absurd and only undermine the unity of NATO and our deterrence posture. What other proof of NATO's work is there needed at the time when British and French troops are in Estonia and our Allied fighters safeguarding our airspace?

The military cooperation we do with our Baltic neighbours and other Allies bilaterally is based on the fact that we are the members of the Alliance and needs to complement NATO. Do we really believe that US strategic bombers B-52's would fly in our airspace if it wasn't a part of NATO's collective defence?

The planning of military defence in Estonia is not a responsibility of the Minister of Interior. The ones who's duty it is know that our mission is to strengthen NATO and to sow doubts in the souls of our Allies. There is and will not be a substitute to NATO´s collective defence.