Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

01/14/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/14/2021 05:48

In the Volgograd region, the exercise of the amphibious assault battalion of the Kamyshinsky airborne unit started

14.01.2021 (12:25)

At the Kamyshinsky training ground in the Volgograd region, a tactical exercise was launched with units of the airborne assault battalion with means to strengthen the Kamyshinsky separate guards airborne assault unit.

Getting a signal drill the personnel of the air assault units carried out a complex of measures to bring in higher degree of readiness and standard equipment made out of units in the specified area where carried out a complex of measures on the location, the preparation and arrangement of base camp and organize for its protection and defense.

During the exercise the Marines will work out the issues of conducting defensive combat air assault units with the solution of complex combat training tasks, including output units in a defensive position, the best lesson of Europe and the commission of maneuver units.

In the practical working out of issues to destroy the enemy and holding the defensive positions in order to create conditions for the offensive of the main forces compound stage will be held live firing of small arms and weapons combat vehicles BMD-2KA-Y, T-72B3, infantry weapons, grenade launchers and sniper weapons.

The event is held in accordance with the combat training plan of the unit for 2021 and aims to check the readiness of airborne assault units to perform tasks for their intended purpose.

In order to form the level of psychological readiness and resistance of military personnel to perform combat training tasks, engineering simulation tools, smoke bombs and blank ammunition will be used during the exercise.

In total, more than 500 personnel and 40 units of combat and special equipment are involved in the exercise.