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04/11/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/10/2024 21:50

Promoting Medical Innovation: Collaboration Between KMU and NYCU to Share Biomedical Technology Research Achievements

Translated by Chance Lai
In the face of healthcare challenges such as aging populations and emerging diseases, integrating biomedical technology with AI, ICT, and big data has become crucial in leading medical advancements.

In their collaborative research project 2023, Kaohsiung Medical University(KMU) and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University(NYCU) engaged in exchanges focusing on themes such as AI healthcare, Bio-ICT, bioinformatics, and innovative drugs. Faculty members from various disciplines on both sides shared their latest findings, covering a range of applied technologies and exploring the future directions and prospects of biomedical technology.
President Chun-Yuh Yang of KMU (left) exchanges gifts with President Chi-Hung Lin of NYCUniversity (right).

Breakthrough Research Showcase: Cross-Disciplinary Technologies Leading Medical Innovation

The collaborative research results presentation was held at KMU on March 26th. Significant achievements were demonstrated across paper presentations, seminar activities, patent applications, and further project proposals for deepening research.

For example, Professor Shyng-Shiou Yuan from KMU and Professor Yun-Ming Wang from NYCU, their teams published papers in the Chemical Engineering Journal, with an impact factor (IF) of 15.1, and the Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical journal, ranking first in the 'INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION' field. Additionally, Professor Jee-Fu Huang from KMU and Professor Mei-Hsuan Lee from NYCU and their teams published two papers in the Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol journal, with an IF of 13.58.

Various research outcomes are anticipated to be applied in the medical field through AI, enhancing the efficiency of the healthcare industry and assisting in addressing today's medical challenges. This initiative also drives clinical medical applications, thereby realizing the cross-disciplinary collaboration goals of the two universities.

Inter-School Research Collaboration Initiative Launched: Pioneering More Research Highlights Together

To foster a closer collaborative relationship, a joint research matchmaking event was held after the results presentation. The event, centered around the theme of air pollution, featured presentations from key figures representing both institutions. Professor Chih-Hsing Hung, Executive Director of the Research Center for Precision Environmental Medicine at KMU, introduced the center's research achievements.

Additionally, Professor Kai-Hsien Chi, Director of the Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, and Professor Albert T. Yeung, Director of the Institute of Environmental Engineering at NYCU, presented their research specialties. Faculty members from both universities also delivered individual briefings, aiming to encourage more teachers from both institutions to join collaborative research efforts.

With the successful conclusion of this results presentation, both universities look forward to continuing cross-disciplinary collaboration in medical technology to effectively explore innovation and application in biomedical technology. Together, they aim to promote the development of biomedical technology and facilitate academic exchange.
Kaohsiung Medical University and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University present their research findings, seeking opportunities for mutual collaboration.