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02/22/2019 | Press release | Archived content

FPT and leading experts provided digital transformation consulting for ...

February 22, 2019 - With the support of artificial intelligence technology (AI), the health sector will have a remarkable development in not only the examination, diagnosis and treatment regimen for patients but also hospital management. These are the main contents shared by leading experts in medical AI at the conference 'Medical AI Conference 2019' co-organized by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and FPT Corporation.

AI is considered to be the most important fundamental technology that drives digital transformation in industries, sectors, and corporate organizations. It is expected that by 2030, AI could contribute up to USD15.7 trillion to the global economy. In 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives will use AI technology.

At the Conference, Prof. Nguyen Tien Dung - University of Toulouse, France gave an overview of the developments of medical AI and AI applications to skin diseases, skin cancer detection as well as 2D, 3D medical photography.

Prof. Nguyen Tien Dung - University of Toulouse, France at the conference.

Prof. Dr. Ho Tu Bao, Institute of Advanced Mathematics (VIASM) and John von Neumann Institute (JVN) had a speech: Applying Medical AI for analyzing electronic medical records.

As a pioneering IT enterprise in digital transformation with nearly 20 years of experience in providing IT systems for the healthcare sector, FPT introduced the hospital management system FPT.eHospital applying AI and 4.0 technologies in order to promote the smart healthcare development in Vietnam as well as the nation's digital transformation.

FPT.eHospital helps manage and operate hospitals online in real time; assisting physicians in optimizing medical examination and treatment and help patients reduce the waiting time for registration from 4 minutes to 1 minute.


FPT and some leading experts discussed the trends of applying AI to healthcare sector

Besides, FPT is also implementing some AI applications in identifying and diagnosing skin diseases, cancer and bone diseases for some clients around the world.

'Healthcare sector is one of the key areas FPT gives priority to in its digital transformation strategy. Firstly, it benefits tens of millions of people. Secondly, if it is successfully deployed, it will make an important contribution to promote the development of the smart health and digital government in Vietnam,' stated FPT Software Pham Minh Tuan.