02/09/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/09/2018 20:09

Advantech Launches HIT-W183 and HIT-W153 Healthcare Infotainment Terminals for Diverse Hospital Applications

High Flexibility for Diverse Patient and Caregiver Applications

HIT-W183/W153 can be installed in bedhead units or mounted on bedside swing arms to function as bedhead terminals or patient infotainment devices, respectively. Healthcare staff can use the terminals to access medical records and hospital information systems, retrieve laboratory results, monitor patient vital signs, and document treatment observations. Meanwhile, patients can use the terminals to watch movies/TV, make phone calls, play games, surf the Internet, send emails, request nurse assistance, and manage the ward environment, such as adjust the bed height, lighting, and curtains. Thus, Advantech's HIT-W183/W153 infotainment terminals provide a single solution that enables efficient provision of digital entertainment and clinical services at the point-of-care for improved service quality.