Banca Transilvania SA

05/12/2023 | Press release | Archived content

Banca Transilvania, among the 100 most desired employers

BT is again this year in the Top 100 Most Wanted Employers (19th place) by Catalyst Solutions.

In addition to the rankings, the study includes information on the behaviour and expectations of candidates towards Romanian companies as employers. The respondents - around 14,500 - are people with higher education, at the beginning of their careers, as well as with experience, in the fields of business, social sciences, engineering and IT&C.

The results show the most important criteria in choosing a job and a company, namely:

  • 70% put the salary package first;
  • 50% consider the benefits offered by the company very important;
  • 46% mention job security;
  • 45% value a pleasant working atmosphere;
  • 44% prioritise work-life balance in their choices.

Comparing the results with those of the previous year(Top 100 employers), there are certain constants in the choices of candidates:

  • The attractive salary package remains at the top of the vote.
  • Job stability was voted 46% this year, compared to 50% last year.
  • The ability to work in a hybrid environment came last, with 31% of mentions.

A question asked for the first time to respondents in the survey asks what job flexibility means to candidates. More than half of them (≈55%) understand flexible working hours to mean being able to organise their tasks within a chosen timeframe, while respecting the working hours laid down in their employment contract.

Respondent answers to the question "What is the top 5 employers you would like to work for?" were free and unassisted.

In 2022, almost 1,000 people were promoted at Banca Transilvania and around 1,600 new employees joined the team. BT was also among the most desirable employees in 2022, according to a new study conducted by Catalyst Solutions and published in January this year.