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10/18/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/18/2020 10:36

Des Moines Register Editorial Board Endorses Dems in All 4 U.S. House Districts: “Republican incumbents should be cast out, and open seats awarded to Democrats”

Register praises Finkenauer, Hart, Axne and Scholten for their focus on lowering health care costs, working across the aisle to deliver results

Last night, Iowa's largest newspaper, TheDes Moines Register, endorsed Democrats running for all four of Iowa's Congressional District. Citing Republicans efforts to 'destroy the Affordable Care Act' despite the fact that they have never 'offered a replacement that would provide health insurance and protections for Americans as comprehensively as this law does,' TheRegister urged Iowans to cast their votes for Rep. Abby Finkenauer, Rep. Cindy Axne, Rita Hart and J.D. Scholten, who have clearly demonstrated they are willing to work with anyone to ensure every Iowan has access to quality, affordable health care.

Key Points from the Des Moines Register Editorial Board:

  • 'Most Iowans were probably raised to vote for the person, not the political party… At least that used to be the right way to approach an election… The Democratic candidates for Congress in Iowa have much to offer. But make no mistake: Elected Republicans' actions have been so poisonous that removing them from power is as important a goal as sending thoughtful public servants to Washington… For today's Republicans, the needs of the party supersede those of the nation… To help steer them back, throw the bums out. Every one of them.'
  • 'The GOP has spent a decade trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act - 10 years of complaining about it, voting to dismantle it and mustering court challenges against. Yet never has the party offered a replacement that would provide health insurance and protections for Americans as comprehensively as this law does.'
  • 1st Congressional District: 'In 2018, Abby Finkenauer offered voters in northeast Iowa a fresh, energetic alternative to the Republican incumbent… For a first-term member of Congress, she has an impressive grasp of issues. She is engaged in her district and passionate about things that matter to regular folks. Iowans should be thrilled to reelect her. She has supported measures to attract physicians to rural Iowa, expand child care assistance, help small businesses and prevent a reduction in Medicare reimbursements to health providers. She serves on committees and subcommittees focused on small businesses, transportation, infrastructure, water resources and the environment. During a recent interview with the Register's editorial board, she said her top priorities right now are helping her district recover from August's devastating derecho and securing federal relief to help Iowans through the pandemic.'
  • 2nd Congressional District: 'The retirement of U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, an Iowa City Democrat, left open the seat for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District. Democrat Rita Hart is the best choice to fill it… She grew up on a dairy farm, was a teacher in rural Iowa schools for more than 20 years and has been farming since the late 1970s… She cultivated a deep understanding of rural issues during her time in the Iowa Legislature. She said her parents taught their children to 'stand up for what we believe,' but also 'listen to the other side.' Among what she believes: Iowans should have affordable health insurance, and access to child care is as important as access to the internet… Hart is smart, thoughtful and well-spoken. If elected, she would focus on healing divisions and governing. Her opponent, Mariannette Miller-Meeks has an impressive resume… Yet she's wrong on some key issues, including how to ensure Americans have access to affordable health insurance.'
  • 3rd Congressional District 'It's deja vu in the 3rd District. Cindy Axne vs. David Young. Except this time, Axne is the incumbent, and she deserves to be reelected… After being sworn in, Axne jumped right into working on issues related to agriculture, affordable housing, community development, insurance and entrepreneurship. She is accessible to her constituents and sees taking care of people as a calling. Iowans should not forget why they booted Young from office. He voted in lockstep with extreme members of his party on everything from irresponsible tax cuts to undermining the Affordable Care Act, which provides health insurance to thousands of Iowans. If he really wanted to protect coverage for people with preexisting health conditions, as he insists he does, he would not have sought to dismantle the law that does exactly that.'
  • 4th Congressional District: 'Registered Republicans in Iowa's 4th District completed the neutering of Rep. Steve King when they refused to support him in the June primary election… Now the conservative-leaning district's voters should give Democrat J.D. Scholten an opportunity to represent them in Congress. The fifth-generation Iowan from Sioux City has an impressive understanding of farming, agricultural markets and the role of antitrust laws in the industry, all vital issues for the district… Iowans should not have to set up donation boxes and hold pancake suppers to help people pay for health care bills, he said during a recent meeting with the Register's editorial board. Scholten appears able to work across the aisle and bridge divides.'