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12/24/2020 | Press release | Archived content

Alpha Volunteers Promotes AI Networking and Technology Education in Remote Township in Jianshi

Alpha Volunteers Promotes AI Networking and Technology Education in Remote Township in Jianshi

"Dear Santa, I wish my father can get a job successfully and make money, and I also hope he has time to keep me company. Can you make my wishes come true?" These are sincere, moving words of a schoolchild from Jinping Elementary School in Jianshi, Hsinchu learning how to make a video call to Santa under the guidance of Alpha volunteers.

Alpha Foundation's corporate volunteers visited Jinping Elementary School in Jianshi on Christmas Eve (12/24) to organize the "2019 Alpha AI Networking Expert Lecture." The volunteers taught children networking and AI by conducting lively, interesting classes; furthermore, an AI drawing website competition will be held to let them understand that similar to a human brain, AI is capable of ongoing "self-learning" and "deep learning" through database creation and linkage.

According to the principal of Jinping Elementary School "Located in Hsinchu County's Houshan region, Jianshi Town is in dire need of talent and teachers. In recent years, many schools in Hsinchu City are promoting mobile learning, but the program is experiencing difficulties in elementary schools in remote townships due to resource shortage. We are grateful for Alpha Foundation's volunteers for coming to our school to teach children networking and AI, so that kids in remote townships can experience high-tech learning while having fun, thereby expanding their technological horizon."

After seeing these remote township children's thirst for new knowledge and technology as well as their adorable smiles, engineers who are usually surrounded by networking equipment were overcame with heartwarming feelings. "As long as you work hard, your wishes will be granted." Dressed up as Santa, Alpha volunteers offered the children these words of encouragement, hoping to sow seeds of hope in their innocent hearts and make their dreams come true.

Alpha Foundation aspires to act as a conduit of love and hope in remote townships by applying the power of networking and technology education.

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