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Risk Intelligence: Risk Intelligence signs agreement with a major NYSE listed tanker owner/operator

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Publicerat: 2024-07-10 09:15:00

Risk Intelligence A/S: Risk Intelligence signs agreement with a major NYSE listed tanker owner/operator

Risk Intelligence A/S ("Risk Intelligence" or the "Company") announces today that the company has signed an agreement with a major New York Stock Exchange listed tanker owner/operator for access to the Risk Intelligence System.

Risk Intelligence has signed an agreement with a leading US tanker owner / operator. With their headquarters also in New York City they have a strong focus on quality for their own vessels and exceptional levels of service to the vessels in their pool. They currently operate over 80 vessels from VLCCs to MRs.

The current tanker market boom has seen a requirement for vessels to trade in unfamiliar areas, this has been driven for this company by record levels of US energy exports as well as wider geo-political events.

Jim Pascoe, CCO, Risk Intelligence says:

"With the client having such a strong focus on quality and reliability it's particularly satisfying to come out on top of their selection process. Responding to market demands the client is increasingly trading in areas which have elevated levels of volatility - with access to the Risk Intelligence System their security and operations personnel can maintain situational awareness and have access to our Duty Watch 24/7 to assist with any queries."

The Risk Intelligence System license will impact ARR from Q3 2024.

About Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence is a security risk intelligence provider delivering security threat and risk analysis to clients all over the world via the cloud-based Risk Intelligence System, as well as consulting services.
A large part of Risk Intelligence's clients is maritime, and these clients currently operate more than 15.7% of the global merchant fleet.

With its headquarters in Hellerup (Copenhagen), Denmark, an office in Singapore, and locations in North America, the dedicated staff of Risk Intelligence works in all major time zones to support their clients' operations. Since 2018, the company has been listed on the Spotlight Stock Exchange in Stockholm.

The Risk Intelligence System is a digital security intelligence solution developed in close collaboration with global businesses that are established within the fields of shipping, offshore, oil and gas. The digital solution is designed based on insights directly from customers and their needs as well as Risk Intelligence's experienced security risk analysts and developers' knowledge of intelligence and assessment needs.

The Risk Intelligence System offers clients a complete picture of immediate, short-, and medium-term security risks for coastal areas, ocean, port, and landside threats. The analysis is focused on insurgency, piracy, organised crime, activism, terrorism, military conflicts, and any interplay between these. Risk Intelligence identifies where serious events arise and presents an assessment of how great the threat is in each area, while at the same time providing 24/7/365 situational awareness with incident reports and alerts. This enables companies to evaluate both current and future security risks in real time and to minimise risks across their operations.


Risk Intelligence typically uses press releases to announce new clients or significant expansions of existing client contracts, in accordance with the wishes of those clients. However, there may be other business deals that Risk Intelligence chooses not to or cannot disclose through press releases. All deals classified as MAR will always be announced through press releases.

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