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Style Your Hoodie to Stay Cosy and Look Cool this Season

Hoodies will always broadcast your approachable, laid-back personality as there's nothing buttoned-up about them. But looking cool and staying cosy do have their limits, and can even conflict with each other if you don't know how to pull off the look.

Here's how the different types of men's hoodie affect how your style comes off. Perfect this and you'll be able to rock yours 24/7, whether you're out with friends or lounging at home.

What's the best hoodie?

The best hoodie is the one that captures the moment and the mood, which is why people have drawers full of them.

A super-soft cotton jersey hoodiehas home appeal for relaxing and working. But you might grab a zip-up hoodiewith a strong design for when you're in the city heading in and out of shops or bars.

Which brand has the best hoodies?

There's a slight chance we're biased, but we'll risk it. Superdry's supreme, ever-growing collection of hoodies makes us the first place thousands look for their hoodies every day.

It's not just the hundreds of unique designs for menand womenthat draws the smart crowd to our style-based brand of casual wear. It's the knowledge that you're buying fashion with an ethical undercurrent (check out our organic cotton hoodies) that influences everything we do. Feel free to disagree - if you've got the receipts.

Which hoodie should you go for?

If you're talking quality, every Superdry hoodie is equal - we don't have a budget range that goes easy on the stitches.

If it's more about the style, it's a case of taking your pick. We've got bold onesfor making a splash and understated hoodiesfor the classic Los Angeles look. A little chilly out? Zip up your Slipstream Extreme Polar Hoodieand go. Wherever your tastes and needs lie on the hoodie spectrum, you'll find yours.

Can you wear a hoodie with a hooded jacket?

There's no reason why the two can't work together. It's common to see a light waterproof jacket worn over a hoodie, but even something warmer can fit nicely, especially over a lighter top.

Just tuck the hood inside your jacket hood to prevent it bunching up when you've got it on your head. That's all we've got in the rule book.

Why are hoodies so popular?

Hoodies tick all the casual boxes, and they're an ideal blank canvas for dynamic designs. The hood isn't just for pulling over your head, either - it's just part of the structure and style of the garment that traces back to its hip-hop roots.

They're also versatile - great for layering and easy to take on and off if you're in and out all day. When it's too warm for a coat but too cold for a tee, a hoodie is an ideal outer layer.

What are sleeveless hoodies for?

From a utility perspective, sleeveless hoodies were first designed as activewear for heading to the gym or going out for an autumn run. They also have the same style mood as their cousins the gilet and the vest - casual, free and relaxed.

Zip or no zip?

Hoodies without a zip are called overhead hoodiesor pullover hoodies, but it's not just the way you put them on that separates them from the zippered kind. If you want pockets, overhead hoodies tend to have a straight-through kangaroo or muff pocket that's impossible with a zip-up. Plus, there's more room for a big, unbroken design across the front. Zippered hoodies on the other hand offer more ventilation and the option to style them alongside what you wear underneath.

What are lightweight hoodies?

Lightweight hoodies are designed for comfort and fashion rather than warmth, so tend to use thinner or less insulating fabrics. Fashion aside, they have three main uses: activity, layering and warm-weather wear.

Try a lightweight zip hoodie for the ultimate in versatility. Azipped designgoes with jeans, cargos or chinos for an easy, casual style.

Can you wear a jacket over a hoodie?

Definitely. Whether it's denim, leather, a Harrington or a bomber jacket, your hoodie's going to work a treat underneath. Stick with an overhead hoodie to avoid a confusion of zippers, but even that's up for debate - you can make it happen with a decent T-shirt underneath.

Praise be for the versatile hoodie

With countless styles, decades of street culture and wardrobes full of complementary clothing, it's no wonder the hoodie's an instant classic, however you wear it. And when you're given as many colour, style and weight options as there are in the Superdry collections, it's an easy choice.

Check out the men'sand women'sranges in our Superdry X collections.