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02/15/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/14/2020 20:32

Reminder about 1099 Forms

Reminder about 1099 Forms

Doyon, Limited shareholders will not receive a 1099 form from Doyon for the December 2019 distribution. This distribution is not taxable to Doyon shareholders.

Beginning in 2019, Doyon Settlement Trust (DST) distributions replaced Doyon dividends issued to shareholders, with the exception of 7(j) distributions. The 7(j) distributions that Doyon pays to at-large shareholders and village corporations in May of each year cannot be paid out of the DST and will continue to be taxable. At-large (Class B) shareholders who received a distribution in May 2019 were mailed an IRS 1099-MISC form if their distribution was $600 or more.

For more information about the distributions or mailing of the 1099s, please contact the shareholder records department at 907-459-2040, toll-free 1-888-478-4755, or [email protected].