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11/17/2023 | News release | Distributed by Public on 11/17/2023 03:45

For a Peaceful and Respectful Community


For a Peaceful and Respectful Community

We want everyone to feel safe on the campus of Ruhr University Bochum.

Ruhr University Bochum is very concerned about the current increase in antisemitic incidents and comments in public and also at universities, for example at pro-Palestinian demonstrations and events. In this highly charged climate, the university appeals to all sides to stand together as a peaceful and respectful community. "Our top priority is to ensure that all members of our university can feel safe on campus," says Rector Professor Martin Paul on behalf of the university rectorate. "We stand firmly against antisemitism. No one must be discriminated against because of their faith, heritage or ideology. We will not allow this." If people find themselves the target of hostilities, they will receive advice and support - this naturally also applies to people affected by anti-Muslim racism.


The Anti-Discrimination Office at Ruhr University Bochum is the central advice, mediation and information center for students, employees and other members of the university who experience or witness any form of discrimination and have questions or need support in this regard. It's also responsible for dealing with antisemitic incidents.

In addition, all 21 faculties of the university have decentralized diversity officers. They are the first point of contact in their respective departments. Click here for an overview.

Outside the university, advice and support centers for discrimination issues can be found in this overview.

Ruhr University Bochum has positioned itself as a place for critical debate, objective discussion and discourse. "Debates about the Middle East conflict are expressly encouraged and permitted at our university," says Rector Paul. "What is not acceptable and what we will never tolerate is downplaying the brutal acts of terror committed by Hamas. They bring immeasurable suffering to the people in the region. We will strongly oppose all voices that call for the destruction of the state of Israel or the death of Jewish people!"