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11/18/2023 | Press release | Archived content

Electoral Commission on start of registration weekend for 2024 national and provincial elections

Electoral Commission statement on the start of the registration weekend for the 2024 national and provincial elections

Last Wednesday we proclaimed the readiness of the Electoral Commission to undertake voter registration both on online platforms and in the network of 23 296 voting stations across the country.

Just hours after the commencement of the registration process for the 2024 National and Provincial Elections, the Electoral Commission provides an update as follows:

We confirm that by 08h00 in excess of 90% of voting stations were open with the residual confirming operation by 08h30. Similarly, we confirm that the overwhelming majority of the 68 718 electoral officers

that had been trained and assigned to voting stations did report for duty. The Electoral Commission extends its gratitude to this countrymen and women.

In the initial hours of day one of this two-day Registration Weekend, 326 000 voters had visited their voting stations and had their applications processed using the Voter Management Device (VMD). This sets a good tone for the two days of voter registration.

The efficiency witnessed today is credited, in the main, to the innovative technology introduced during the 2021 elections. The VMDs have facilitated the registration of thousands of registration details, even in

areas challenged by connectivity issues. Where it has been necessary, to operate in an offline mode, we assure voters that their details will seamlessly integrate into our central database once connectivity is established.

Just today over 26 000 online voter registration transactions were recorded on the registration portal. We are on course to surpass the highest registration activity ever recorded on a single day.

For those voters who are yet to receive confirmation of their registration, the Commission is seized with processing applications that could not be finalised online. This is principally because of failed scanning of the uploaded identification document images. The online registration portal remains open until the official proclamation of the elections.

The turnout thus far is a testament to the strength of our democracy, and we urge every South African to continue to seize this moment.

While proof of address is not a requirement for registration, providing an address or a description of a place of residence is crucial, to enable the Electoral Commission to allocate voters to correct voting districts linked to their places of ordinary residence.

For those requiring assistance with identity documents from the Department of Home Affairs, 300 of the Department's offices will be open this weekend, facilitating the collection and issuance of necessary documents for registration purposes. The Commission extends its profound thanks to the Department for going this extra mile.

As we move forward, the Commission encourage all eligible voters to utilize the remainder of this Registration Weekend to participate in shaping the future of our nation. Whether online or at registration stations, take ownership of your democracy.

"This is your democracy, own it."

Thank you.

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