The Office of the Governor of the State of Arizona

06/21/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/21/2024 17:39

Governor Katie Hobbs Legislative Action Update

SB1036, social work compact
SB1079, state land auctions; electronic means
SB1159, dentists; restricted permits; continuing education
SB1174, tuition; family; posttraumatic stress; suicide
SB1185, catalytic converter; unlawful use; classification
SB1211, pharmacists; prescribing; naloxone; reporting
SB1232, sexual conduct; minor; punishment
SB1234, pharmacy board; virtual manufacturers
SB1260, dog racing; simulcast wagering; prohibition
SB1267, physical therapy assistants; students; supervision
SB1370, youth businesses; licenses; tax; exemption
SB1410, marijuana; licensing; delivery
SB1457, online instruction; virtual setting; assessments
SB1567, off-highway vehicles; education requirement
SB1630, sex offender management board; establishment
SB1636, excise tax; jet fuel; definition
SB1638, Pacific conflict; assessment
SB1639, subsequent felony; sealing case records
SB1679, mixed martial arts; boxing; gaming
SB1680, minors; motorcycle helmets; citations
SJR1001, private property; sale; veterans affairs.
HB2003, replacement lines; structures; commission hearings
HB2034, DOC officers; personnel system; covered
HB2168, barbering; cosmetology; conforming legislation
HB2241, bestiality; visual depiction; minors
HB2274, theme park districts; formation
HB2368, transportation; groundwater; Douglas AMA
HB2618, spirituous liquor; DHS; inspection; exemption
HB2665, child sex trafficking; facilitating prostitution
HB2704, foster youth permanency project team
HB2742, aggravated assault; transit; airport; rail
HB2865, natural resource conservation districts; board
HJR2001, Phoenix-Mesa gateway airport; reuse zone

SB1155, lifetime probation; sexual offenses; termination
HB2376, federal government; land acquisition; consent
HB2573, use fuel dispenser labels; penalties
HB2735, ABOR; course approval; accounting system

Read SB1155 veto letter here.
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Read HB2735 veto letter here.