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11/16/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/16/2023 19:10

71 seminars on the first day of WETEX and DSS 2023

The first day of the Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar Show (DSS) 2023 included 71 specialised seminars and panel discussions. Many international experts and professionals highlighted different areas, including sustainability, digital transformation, clean and renewable energy, water, and smart and sustainable cities.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is organising WETEX and DSS 2023, under the directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, from 15-17 November 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The main seminars discussed several subjects such as 'Clean Energy (Green Hydrogen) and Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Conservation' by Acwa Power, Disrupting / Emerging / Innovative Technologies in Energy, Water and Environment, 'Clean Energy (Green Hydrogen)' by Enoc, 'Sustainability Challenges in Real Estate Markets and Urban Property Development', 'Power to X', 'Unlocking the Potential of Electric Vehicles in the MENA region: Challenges and Opportunities', 'Energy Storage Technologies: Towards a Net-Zero Target, Enabling a Carbon-Neutral Energy Landscape', and 'The road to Automated Sustainability Measuring and Accounting'.

Graduates of the Sustainability Youth Ambassadors Programme, launched by DEWA, in cooperation with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), presented several sessions about clean technologies.

The Renewables and sustainability seminars included 'Shaping a Sustainable Future: Unveiling the Cleantech Landscape in the Middle East', 'Unleashing the Power of the Sun: A Journey through Renewable Energy Deployment in the MENA Region', 'Solar Soaring: Illuminating the MENA Region's Solar Energy Landscape and Future Prospects', 'Unlocking the Potential of Solar Energy in the MENA Region', 'Benchmarking the Solar PV Market in the MENA Region', 'Storage Supercharge: Empowering the Grid with Renewable Energy Integration through Cutting-Edge Storage Solutions', 'Sustaining the Water Resources in the MENA Region', and 'Desalination Revolution: Unveiling the Evolution and Future of Water Transformation'.

Water Seminars discussed 'Innovative Biofouling Monitoring Tool MBFR', 'Clean Energy (Green Hydrogen), Innovative Technology with Home Grown Solutions', 'A Cutting Edge Technology In Wastewater Treatment', and 'Application Of High Pressure And Low Fouling Elements For Wastewater Reuse Projects'.

The Education and Innovation Zone hosted several seminars entitled 'Accelerating the Energy Transition by Supporting Young People's Activities', 'Empowering Youth in Climate Advocacy: Amplifying Voices for a Sustainable Future', 'The University Programs for Advancing Sustainability Goals - Opportunities for Advanced Materials', 'Disruption to Innovation: Emerging Trends and Technologies for Modern Enterprise', About the Role and Successes of Expo Live Innovation', 'Driving Intelligent Transformation Through Innovation: Huawei's Initiative for a Greener Intelligent World', 'Accelerating Startup Growth: Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Success', and 'Nurturing Sustainable Practices through Venture Studios'.

The Creative and Innovative Energy panel discussions discussed 'Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Overview', 'SRM Transparency in Dealing with Suppliers', 'The Impact of Innovation & Technology on the Future of Real Estate industry', 'Energy Consumption Survey and Smart Monitoring', 'Alternative, Sustainable Energy', and 'Energy for Future: Quality of UAE Manufactured Solar Energy Panels'.

The Emaar Sustainability Hub hosted presentations by Ginco, Ibuild, China Railway, and Engineering Contracting Company.

The Innovators Lab hosted seminars entitled 'The Role of Communications and Stories to Create More Impactful Outcomes - Giving People Permission to Do Something Different', 'Driving Innovation in the MENA Region: Plug & Play's Impact on the Local Ecosystem', 'Inspiring the Changemakers: Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Practices', 'Decoding Sustainable: What constitutes a Sustainable Product? and three presentations by startups about digitalisation, water and agritech.

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