City of Hillsboro, OR

03/08/2018 | News release | Distributed by Public on 03/08/2018 18:59

TUF Approach Keeps Hillsboro Roads Safe

With about 230 miles of paved streets in the City of Hillsboro, helping to keep those roads safe and well maintained is a top priority.

How is road maintenance funded?

In 2008, the Hillsboro City Council created the Transportation Utility Fee (TUF) to address maintenance needs sooner, saving money over the long term. The TUF funds Hillsboro's Pavement Management Program to repair and maintain roads. Because of the TUF, the City is on track to catch up on all backlog maintenance projects by 2024.

What projects did the TUF pay for in 2017?

Who pays the TUF?

All residents, businesses, and nonprofits in Hillsboro pay the TUF as part of their monthly utility bill. TUF rates increase each April. The next rate increase - 60 cents per month for residential single family homes - takes effect on April 1.