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03/21/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/20/2024 22:18

iPASS Collaborates with IAPS at NYCU to Kickstart New Startup Initiative

Translated by Chance Lai
In the era of technological advancement and innovation, cross-domain collaboration emerges as a key driver for the thriving development of startups. On March 14th, iPASS Corporation announced its partnership with the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU)'s Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy (IAPS), aiming to accelerate the commercialization of startups and embark on a broader innovation journey.

IAPS: Pioneering Cross-Industry Startup Ecosystem
IAPS, established in 2013, is the nation's first incubator. It was founded by academia and is dedicated to building a cross-border, cross-industry entrepreneurial ecosystem. It has successfully nurtured over 950 startups and research teams. With an annual fundraising amount exceeding NT$300 million, IAPS assists domestic and international technology startups in obtaining investments and fosters connections between domestic and international industry partners, expanding into the global market.
This collaboration with iPASS Corporation is based on the "iPASS Connect+" program and incorporates iPASS's electronic payment system into the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Joint co-Operation Innovation Networks (JOIN) platform. The goal is to facilitate the integration of large and small-medium enterprises with external startups, accelerate innovation, promote sustainable operations, and stimulate internal innovative capabilities within enterprises.

Regarding this collaboration, Director Ching-Yao Huang of IAPS expressed our commitment to connecting major enterprises' brands, services, and channels, accelerating the growth of startup ventures, and aligning with companies. We look forward to partnering with iPASS Corporation to help accelerate the commercialization of new startup teams or companies.

iPASS: First Collaboration with an Academic Accelerator this Year

Furthermore, Keynes Cheng, General Manager of iPASS Corporation, mentioned that iPASS will provide crucial resources across fifty-one domains, assisting startup teams in linking up and inspiring them to conceive new financial technology service solutions. This addresses the challenges posed by the dual transformation of global digitalization and sustainability, enhancing green finance capabilities and aiding enterprises in adapting to international changes.

The unfolding of this collaboration is not merely a cross-domain partnership but also a journey of co-creation. We look forward to injecting more vitality into the flourishing development of startups through the efforts of both parties, jointly ushering in an innovative future.