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This Week with Gosar

This Week with Gosar

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House Passes Gosar Plan to End Covid National Emergency

I am pleased to write that this week the United States House of Representatives, in bi-partisan fashion, finally debated and passed my legislation requiring the Biden administration finally end the outdated and abusive COVID national emergency declaration. Nearly three years have passed since President Trump rightfully declared a national emergency concerning the COVID pandemic. The factual basis for this declaration was apparent then. As time has progressed, and as we have learned about this virus, we know that it is no longer a national emergency. Since President Trump's initial declaration, the House of Representatives has not once voted, let alone debated, whether to terminate this national emergency as required under the National Emergencies Act.

The National Emergencies Act requires Congress to review termination of a national emergency no later than six months, and at least every six months thereafter. Yet, former Speaker Pelosi repeatedly blocked simple debateabout the merits of extending or terminating the COVID national emergency declaration, despite the law requiring its review at least four times since being declared.

Until this week, the House of Representatives failed to perform its most basic Constitutional duty: checking the powers of the executive branch. In clear response to my legislation being voted on, Joe Biden hastily announced this week that he would end the COVID national emergency in May. My response to Biden: why wait?

Let's not forget that Mr. Biden once promised the American people that there would be no federal COVID vaccine mandates. Yet, he soon lied and mandated COVID vaccines for millions of Americans. We simply cannot trust that Biden will keep his word. The evidence is to the contrary. The list of lies uttered by Biden grows longer each passing day.

I am grateful to all my colleagues for voting to support my legislation. The bill now goes to the Senate where it is required to be considered in an expeditious manner.

For more information about this legislation, click here to read my press release. You can also view of a video my remarks on the House floor by clicking here.

New Research Proves What We All Knew: Masks Don't Work

Speaking of the COVID pandemic, a comprehensive meta-analyses of mask usage conducted by the highly trusted Cochrane Institute was released this week and concluded that masks make "little to no difference" in preventing the spread of the COVID pandemic or preventing death from the virus.According to the study, wearing masks had "no statistical significance" of reducing the risk of catching COVID. Worse, the research concluded that wearing masks actually causes more harm than good, including hampering your child's ability to learn at school. While I appreciate the great research conducted by the Cochran Institute, the conclusion is really nothing new. Despite Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden unnecessarily forcing masks on Americans for over two years, I've always said there was never anyscientific proof that masks were effective against the spread of COVID. As I've said since the beginning of the pandemic, if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. It's your choice. However, I don't support mandating their usage.

Is Saying the Pledge of Allegiance Controversial?

Earlier this week, the House Judiciary Committee addressed a rule amendment submitted by my friend and colleague Representative Matt Gaetz that merely provided that the committee will recite the pledge of allegiance before every meeting. Something as benign, but important, as acknowledging our Constitution and our flag, should not be controversial.

Guess who opposed this? Virtually every democrat on the committee. Over an hour was spent by democrats arguing against this basic requirement of civics. You can draw your own conclusions why democrats are against reciting the pledge of allegiance. Ultimately, when it came time for the vote, the democrats caved in, not wanting the rest of the country to know that they are fundamentally anti-American and do not want to pledge their allegiance to our country. Which is why I am sharing this information with you.

You can read more by clicking here.

Reps. Gosar and Mast Create the Congressional Justice for Warrior Caucus

This week, my colleague Representative Brian Mast and I formed the Congressional Justice for Warrior Caucus (CJWC) to reexamine, where appropriate, criminal convictions, accusations of impropriety, military investigations, and nonjudicial punishment that have negatively impacted United States service members, veterans, or private contractors serving in defense of the United States. If injustices are found, the CJWC will make recommendations to mitigate or reverse the injustice including parole, restoration of duty or Presidential pardon. I look forward to working with all the members of the CJWC to correct any injustices impacting our service members, their families and the veteran community.

It's Mail Time!

I receive a lot of mail from constituents on many topics. I do my best to respond to every single one. Here's a sample of some of those letters I received this week:

Jeff H. wrote in to say thanks for assisting him with issue he was having with an agency:

I can't thank you enough for your efforts in getting the FAA to act on my file. I truly think this highlights a government agency that needs some help! I don't know if this is a funding issue or what but almost nine months is far too long to expect professional pilots to go without being able to work just waiting for their file to be reviewed in my opinion.

Jeff-it is my pleasure to help anyone trapped within the federal labyrinth of Byzantine rules and lazy bureaucrats. Rest assured it is not "a lack of funding." All federal agencies are fully funded if not overfunded. Under Biden, tens of thousands of federal employees refuse to show up to work claiming they fear COVID. The House just passed legislation this week with my support called "Show up to Work" bill and Biden threatened to veto it.

Ray D. from Buckeye also passed along his gratitude:

For the second time in less than two years your office has helped me resolve a problem with Medicare. This time it was Ms. Penny Pew, who was able to cut through the red tape and provide a path with Medicare for me to get pain relief more frequently. My attempts prior to contacting your office fell on deaf ears, and neither I nor my provider were able to make any progress. I will be forever grateful for what Ms. Pew and your office were able to do for me. Thanks so much!!

P.S. Keep up the good work in Washington. We need more politicians like you!

Thanks Jeff and Ray, I am thrilled we were able to assist each of you and appreciate your thoughtful words.

Anyone needing help with a federal agency is welcome to email my District Director, Penny Pew at [email protected].

Raelene H. from Tucson shared these thoughts:

Thank you for doing the RIGHT thing as a Congressman, keeping the executive office in check! It is so past time for the Emergency of COVID to be over. A job well done, and I pray the Senate will be as responsible.

Kelly B. from Peoria wrote:

Thank you and congratulations on the passage of the bill to end the state of emergency! What a light you are to our very troubled world! Your courageous fight against the power grab that plagues our government is such a blessing. The Left and Rinos keep pushing to take away our rights as U.S. citizens. It seems that they really hate us. Thank you for standing in the gap. I will pray for God's protection and favor in your life.

Dear Raelene and Kelly, Congress had a legal obligation to debate and consider terminating the COVID national emergency within six months after it was declared but Nancy Pelosi blocked it. Even Joe Biden admitted the pandemic is over. Thankfully, our new Republican majority in Congress moved quickly schedule the vote and I am pleased that many democrats even voted for my legislation. I think it was pass the Senate. Biden is threatening to veto it. We'll see. I am grateful for your prayers.

Gary P. from Buckeye shares:

I wholeheartedly support your efforts to exempt Social Security benefits from taxation. This was the original intent and design of the program and not until the 1980's was it taxed. Ironically, I believe it was Joe Biden that sponsored the bill to implement taxation of Social Security.

Additionally I support your efforts to restore full benefits to those who had them reduced due to other employment. In my particular case, my benefit was reduced 1) because I worked in a job that was exempt, and 2) because I worked in public safety that had an "early retirement" provision. My benefit was reduced to less than half of what I would have otherwise been entitled. This in spite of the fact that after that employment I continued in the private sector and paid into Social Security for far more than the required 40 quarters.

I support your efforts in these and other areas you are involved in. I do hope other Republicans join you in pushing back on the hypocrisy of the Left as they try to blame Republicans for reducing Social Security benefits.

Gary, your letter hits home and your situation is one of tens of thousands, probably millions. It is pure theft of your benefits and I aim to stop it.

To all my readers, contact my District Director, Penny Pew, at [email protected] or 202-225-2315 and let us know if you are getting ripped off like Gary. I want to see how widespread the problem is.

Tim C. asked a question about the IRS:

I am hearing that transactions on pay sites are being turned into the federal government and IRS and could trigger an audit for transactions greater than $600. This is unacceptable and needs to go away. I pay for my sons college apartment and help my daughter financially and often send her money. These transactions are over $600. Government needs to stay out of our lives. Folks are not happy.

Hi Tim. Great question. In Joe Biden's massive COVID-19 spending package, there was a provision requiring the filling out of Form 1099-K for anyone who sells an item worth over $600 through a third-party, such as Venmo or Paypal. Previously, the threshold was $20,000 and required a minimum of 200 transactions.Biden has added thousands of workers to the IRS and has massively increase its budget. Instead of working to increase the amount of money in the pockets of those dealing with crippling inflation, he is more focused on confiscating hard-earned money.Thankfully, the implementation of this has been delayed. You can read about it here. Rather it being delayed, it should be eliminated.

Carol B. from Tucson wrote in to speak some hate:

I am appalled at your behavior and your radical white extremist positions. I join with the many Arizonans who are embarrassed by the Arizona representatives who spew hate and are dishonest leaders. You are a poster child for Republican radicals. Ilhan Omar is an exceptional leader and your vote to remove her from the Foreign Affairs committee is just another example of your extreme behavior. Another reason Arizona is shamed by your presence in DC.

Hi Carol. I disagree. Representative Omar's openly antisemitic statements and stances directly imperil the United States' alliance with Israel, our number one ally in the Middle East, which is why I voted to remvove her from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Our nation cannot allow individuals of such low character to risk our national security by serving on their respective committees. Protecting the sanctity of our body and rooting out virulent antisemites is not "white extremism" but calling me and other Republicans names for protecting our standards is anti-white!

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