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GCIRC Online Technical Meeting

We wrześniu 28-29, 2021 r. odbędzie się konferencja online dotycząca badań nad rzepakiem organizowana przez Oddział IHAR PIB w Poznaniu we współpracy z GCIRC (Global Council for Innovation in Rapeseed and Canola). Udział dla członków GCIRC jest bezpłatny, dla osób niebędących członkami GCIRC wynosi 25 €.

Informacje: Iwona Bartkowiak-Broda / [email protected]

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GCIRC Online Technical Meeting - September 28-29th, 2021


The TM previously scheduled in Poznan, Poland, will be held online, co-organized by IHAR Poznan and GCIRC.

Pre-recorded presentations (15 to 25min) available online for registered participants at least 24 hours before.

28th and 29th September, 13:30-16:00 CET
Live summary, Question & Answer session and Debate involving the speakers and GCIRC Committee leaders.

Participants will have the possibility to comment and ask questions through the moderator.

Sept. 28th, coordinated by Dr. Samantha COOK/Rothamsted-UK:
Insect pest management in rapeseed: technical situation and research progress towards sustainable control.

  • Economy: Value of rapeseed globally and insect pests as a major cause of decline in Europe and causes of decline identified to be insect pest control, Dr. Sabine ANDERT/Germany
  • Crop Protection - part I: Major pests in each region and IPM options: Australia/Dr. Sarina MacFADYEN, Canada/Dr. Boyd MORI, Europe/Dr. Meike BRANDES, India/Dr. Sarwan KUMAR, China/Prof. Shumin HOU
  • Genetics & Breeding: Development of pest resistant rapeseed cultivars, Dr. Maxime HERVÉ/France & Prof. Anne-Marie CORTESERO/France
  • Agronomy: Agronomical methods for insect pest suppression, Mrs Céline ROBERT/France
  • Quality: Effects of bees and pollination on yield and quality of rapeseed, Dr. Sandra LINDSTRÖM/Sweden
  • Crop Protection - part II: Alternative control agents:
    • Biological control of coleopteran canola pests, Dr. Hector CARCAMO/Canada
    • Harnessing endosymbiotic bacteria in aphids for crop protection, Dr. Perran STOTT-ROSS/Australia
    • RNAi potential for control of pollen beetle, Prof. Eve VEROMANN/Estonia
    • Registration of RNAi and other new insecticides, Prof. Guy SMAGGHE/Belgium

Sept. 29th, coordinated by Dr.. Véronique BARTHET/Winnipeg-Canada:
Rapeseed protein production and added value: research issues from agronomy to product quality and process.

  • Protein and economy: High protein canola program, Mr David DZISIAK/Canada
  • Protein and agronomy:Project to develop model to predict protein content of the seeds at the farm level knowing the protein content of the breeding seed and the environmental factors, Dr. Rob GOULDEN/Canada
  • Protein and breeding:Breeding and use of genomics to enhance germplasm for quality traits like protein, Dr. Amine ABBADI/Germany
  • Protein and processing: DSM Europe
  • Protein and animal nutrition:Project to replace milk protein with rapeseed protein or rice protein concentrates for piglets' nutrition, Prof. Søren Krogh JENSEN/Denmark
  • Protein analytical/quality:Mr Richard MEYER/Australia & Mr Jaimie AYTON/Australia

Registration: - GCIRC members/Free of charge, Non GCIRC members/25€