Japan Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd.

01/25/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/24/2023 22:29

Expansion into Ireland for the Group’s Non-Japan Wholesaling Business

Ireland has been achieving steady economic growth after joining the EU and by proactively attracting foreign companies. With Ireland's internal demand for paper and paperboard being met entirely through imports, another major feature of the market is the important role that merchants play in supplying this demand. GPMI is engaged in the sale of sign and display media and hardware, technical services, and paper wholesaling in the Republic of Ireland and the UK's Northern Ireland. In the sign and display business in particular, the company differentiates itself from its competitors in the industry by offering films and other media together with an integrated service that includes the sale, installation and maintenance of printing machines and other hardware.

This share acquisition will enable PPG and OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper Group to enter the Irish sign and display, and paper and paperboard market and expand their operating base by acquiring the customers of GPMI, which has a leading position in this market. The acquisition also enables GPMI to strengthen its supply capabilities by leveraging the procurement base of PPG and the entire OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper Group.
Moreover, PPG has been strengthening its sales of high-value-added products in the UK through last year's addition of Zulu Packaging Limited, which imports and sells films, and Wine Box Company Limited, an importer and wholesaler of packaging materials including wrapping materials for food as well as wine and other beverages, to its group. With the addition of GPMI to its group, PPG aims to generate synergy effects by leveraging the strengths of the respective companies and expanding sales of products to each other's markets and customers.

With the acquisition of these shares, the number of countries in which the OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper Group now operates has expanded to a total of 22, including Japan.