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02/27/2024 | News release | Distributed by Public on 02/28/2024 00:47

A JKU Historian Explains Why Tractors Are Blocking the Roads

Ernst Langthaler contributed to an article on the historical background behind the current European farmers' protests.

Professor Ernst Langthaler; Credit: privat

In recent weeks, images of angered farmers on enormous tractors obstructing roads have made headlines in many European countries. Aside from a fairly modest demonstration, it has remained relatively quiet in Austria. Why is that? During an interview with Angelika Hardegger (Swiss online magazine "Republik"), Ernst Langthaler (head of the Institute of Economic, Social & Environmental History at the JKU) talked about the underlying historical background on this issue.

The JKU historian pointed out that the protests are directed against the farmers' long-standing dependence on the state. Langthaler remarked: "Whereas the weather was the biggest threat to farmers 200 years ago, nowadays it's about agricultural policy."

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