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06/02/2021 | News release | Archived content

The Future of Digital is Publishing

There's a misconception that needs to be addressed. It concerns the publishing industry. Rumors of its demise have been egregiously publicized. The publishing industry is entering a new renaissance age, and once again, QuarkXPress is leading the way.

There are many reasons to be bullish in the publishing industry. It starts with incorporating digital technologies that offer publishers, marketers, authors, and designers opportunities to create amazing publications that can be distributed worldwide. The industry is forecast to be one of the top-performing content platforms over the next five years, and that includes print publications, which still have a distinctive niche.

Much of the expectations are a result of changing behaviors of digital consumers. When it comes to digital, people's expectations are high. They demand more privacy protections. They want more interactive and immersive experiences. For years, companies like Quark have helped marketers, designers, NGOs, and authors create beautifully designed publications that offer content and experiences their audiences are looking for.

For the designers, marketers, and publishers, digital continues to democratize publishing. Using QuarkXPress software, any business, large or small, and any individual can be a publisher. With QuarkXPress, independent publishers compete with international publishers; small marketing teams produce like Fortune 500 companies. Start-ups act like legacy companies while researchers and policymakers publish immersive reports beyond their niche markets.

Over the past few decades, people perceived publishing as an analog media, that print was becoming archaic. Yet, all along, Quark continued to innovate and lead the industry and evolve into an omnichannel platform solution.

With Quark, You Publish Everything, Everywhere

Digital publishing with Quark offers unlimited potential to publish in nearly every format, channel, and platform. From its inception, QuarkXPress software pushed the envelope of what was possible. With Quark, professionals in any industry can be their own publishing companies.

The walls between graphic, publishing and distribution are no longer a hindrance. With QuarkXPress 2021, what you design for print - magazines and books, pamphlets, or posters - you can publish in digital. Designers will appreciate that our latest software allows layout-level bleed settings when importing IDML documents and granular control while stroking an entire syllable, not just a character. Authors and researchers will love the ability to control Table of Contents and indexes within their publications.

We created our latest version of QuarkXPress with designers, marketers, and authors in mind. We understand that shortcuts are more than conveniences; they're life-savers. That's why you can work with most major file types right in QuarkXPress - import, edit, and export. That's why we enlarged the pasteboard - to give you creative freedom throughout the design process. And why you now can embed full-fidelity images into a document without needing to manage them in liked folders. With this kind of flexibility, you can be your most creative.

Peoples' perception of digital publishing remains PDFs and magazines - publications QuarkXPress 2021 does exceptionally well. But our latest software expands the meaning of digital publishing. With it, you can create anything in digital format, including modern, responsive web designs with interactive elements for immersive and engaging user experiences. You can distribute all your publications as iOS and Android apps. Think of the reach!. And publish all your content knowing it is SEO friendly.

As digital publishing continues to emerge as a preferred platform among small, independent, and large businesses alike, the opportunities for their audiences to enjoy immersive content are sure to fuel the industry's continued growth. Learn more about QuarkXPress and our premium membership, QuarkXPress Advantage - with perks including feature software updates and premium telephone tech support.