Government of the Republic of Montenegro

07/20/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/20/2021 03:12

Milošević in Brussels and The Hague: European partners see Montenegro's progress in preventing extremism

State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior and National Coordinator for the fight against violent extremism, terrorism, money laundering and terrorist financing Rade Milošević met yesterday with European Commission Anti-Trafficking Coordinator Olivier Onidi in Brussels. Miloševićalso met with Head of Europol's Counter Terrorism Centre Claudio Galzerano in The Hague.

Milošević emphasised the importance of reorganisation and the establishment of a better system of counteracting these phenomena and the importance of timely action.

The European Commission has provided support to Montenegro's efforts to intensify activities to prevent violent extremism, terrorism, money laundering and terrorist financing. Onidi noted the progress made in this field in the past few months, and expressed satisfaction with Montenegro's progress.

The meeting discussed various modalities for continuing and improving cooperation in the field of combating extremism and terrorism. In addition to the important issue of the fight against terrorism, it was stated that one of the priority areas in the coming period is the prevention of radicalism and violent extremism, which are increasingly present in the countries of the Western Balkans.

Galzerano expressed the full openness of Europol for cooperation with Montenegro, and satisfaction with the current cooperation in the field of operational data exchange.

Acting Assistant Director of the Police Directorate for the Sector for the Fight against Crime Dejan Knežević, representative of the Police Directorate Kristina Đukanović, and Director of the NGO CDT Dragan Koprivica also attended the meetings.