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09/24/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/24/2020 08:15

FFA members Exhibit Goats at the Fair

Hillsboro FFA Member Exhibit Lamb at the Highland County Fair

The Hillsboro FFA has many members who exhibit different categories and species each year. This year, there were two members who exhibited Lambs at the Highland County Fair. These two members are Lana Grover and Tahia Ames. Lana and Tahia both participated in showmanship, this contest is judged based on how well the participant shows the animal and how well they know their animal, Tahia placed 8th and Lana placed 4th. Lana and Tahia also participated in the Jr. Fair Market Lamb show which is judged on the lamb based on how well it is built and how good it looks. Tahia placed 5th and 6th and Lana placed 3rd and 4th. At the Highland County Fair, there is a County Born and Bred show for specific species for livestock that were bred and born within Highland County. Tahia entered one lamb into the show and placed 6th. Lana also entered one lamb into the show and she placed 3rd overall. These members worked very hard throughout the year to build their lambs' appearance and put in the dedication to prepare their lambs for the Highland County Fair. Along with these two FFA members, the Hillsboro FFA had two middle school Ag students, Emma Yochum and Blake Herdman, who participated in the Lamb show.

Written by: Zinny Adams, Hillsboro FFA Vice President of Agriculture

Pictured is middle school Ag Member Blake Herdman and Freshman FFA member Tahia Ames bracing their lambs during the 2020 Highland County Fair Sheep Showmanship competition.