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Siemens expands cooperation with CITIC Dicastal to empower its global strategic layout with digitalization

  • Siemens deepens strategic cooperation with CITIC Dicastal in digitalization to assist the global layout and implementation of the latter's digital strategy
  • Siemens digital technologies to support the digital upgrades and construction of CITIC Dicastal's 26 factories in China and seven overseas factories in Europe, North America, Africa and other regions
  • The two sides to jointly explore the R&D of advanced equipment such as machine tools and the application of future technologies such as industrial AI, edge computing and big data

Siemens and CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd. (CITIC Dicastal) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to further deepen their strategic partnership on sustainable digitalization, agreeing to conduct more extensive and in-depth cooperation in such aspects as global capacity building, advanced technology co-creation, and full ecosystem collaboration. With its advanced digital technology and solutions, Siemens will assist the global layout and implementation of CITIC Dicasta's digital strategy. The cooperation, built upon the digital strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two parties in 2015, will focus on the R&D of advanced equipment such as machine tools, the further exploration of the application potential of the digital twin technology at the equipment and new factories, as well as the exploration of the application of future technologies such as industrial AI, edge computing, and big data in industrial scenarios.

'As a world-leading auto parts manufacturer, CITIC Dicastal has been moving forward together with Siemens on the road of digital transformation, and the two sides have established a deep friendship. During our more than 10 years of digital cooperation, Siemens' technologies and solutions have been used at CITIC Dicastal's 26 factories in China and seven overseas factories in Europe, North America, Africa and other regions. CITIC Dicastal and Siemens have jointly carried out pioneering applications of many advanced technologies and active explorations of digital transformation, thereby becoming the pioneers of digital transformation in China's industry,' said Wang Haibin, Executive Vice President of Siemens Ltd., China and General Manager of Digital Industries, Siemens Greater China. 'CITIC Dicastal is now in a critical period of upgrades of its globalization strategy. Siemens will leverage its advanced digital technology, rich practical experience in digitalization, extensive global resources and full-fledged service system to provide strong backing and full support for CITIC Dicastal's global strategic layout.'

Wu Hanqi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd., said, 'Siemens has always been a leader and innovator of industrial transformation, which has possessed rich experience and made plentiful achievements in such fields as digital solutions and industrial Internet of Things. The signing of this strategic agreement marks the opening of a new chapter in the digital cooperation between CITIC Dicastal and Siemens. We believe that the fruitful results of the cooperation between the two sides will make it another model of co-creation and win-win cooperation in the industrial field, and provide reference for the digital transformation and upgrading of the entire auto parts industry.'

According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly establish a team to discuss the future direction of 'intelligent manufacturing' of wheel hubs and automotive aluminum alloy parts, build a digital platform and framework for CITIC Dicastal, integrate their respective superior resources to carry out continuous R&D of special equipment and digital solutions for intelligent manufacturing, and eventually form CITIC Dicastal's sustainable competitive advantage globally. The platform built by Siemens and CITIC Dicastal will support CITIC Dicastal in establishing a global spare parts and service system. In addition, Siemens will support CITIC Dicastal's member companies worldwide in such services as the technical upgrades and transformation, repairs and maintenance of equipment, and maintain regular communication between the two sides' operation management teams, and facilitate the construction of CITIC Dicastal's international capability platform. The two companies will jointly promote cooperation in cutting-edge technologies in the industrial field, actively expand application scenarios of the digital twin, industrial big data and artificial intelligence, industrial knowledge layer, industrial information security and lean digitalization under the premise of data security, and jointly establish the automotive ecosystem. Meanwhile, Siemens will also support CITIC Dicastal to build a laboratory based on its systems, including advanced automation, big data and edge computing, and CNC systems, while providing experimental facilities and technical support.

Siemens and CITIC Dicastal initiated cooperation on a single machine as early as 10 years ago, with Siemens products such as PLC and TIA Portal widely used in CITIC Dicastal's factories. In 2015, as CITIC Dicastal began to establish a global footprint, Siemens provided comprehensive digital products and solutions including PLM, MES, industrial communications, TIA Portal and servo motors for its first overseas wheel hub factory in the United States, and dispatched an engineering team to the site, which finally helped the customer complete the digital delivery of the new factory. In 2018, Siemens' digital twin technology entered Africa along the 'Belt and Road' as CITIC Dicastal's Moroccan factory started construction. Based on the local conditions in Morocco, Siemens took advantage of its factory simulation technology to verify the rationality of the new factory's layout and local operation strategy, assisting CITIC Dicastal in decision-making. With the support of Tecnomatix and Teamcenter software platforms, digital twin technologies such as virtual labs and CAE simulation of high-pressure machines are gradually being developed in modules. In 2020, the two sides began to explore in the fields of industrial AI and industrial knowledge middle office, with a view to tapping the application potential of cutting-edge technologies in industrial scenarios.

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