House of Elders of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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In the committee of chairs of the Meshrano Jirga led by the speaker of the House, besides specifying the agenda of the future plenary sessions, the acting

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

May 8, 2021

In the committee of chairs of the Meshrano Jirga led by the speaker of the House, besides specifying the agenda of the future plenary sessions, the acting Minister of Health presented information about reaches to a recent terrorist incident in Logar province.

During the session, Dr. Wahid Mojarooh, the Acting Minister of Public Health, provided information about that ministry's actions in treating the wounded and transporting the bodies of the martyrs, as well as repairing the Logar Provincial Hospital, and said that the injured were rushed to Kabul for medical treatment at the time, and proposals were sent to the presidency to repair and equip the Logar Provincial Hospital to the Presidential Office through Operation and Support Office of the President for National Development.

The acting of the Ministry of Public Health also assured in his answers about solving the health problems of Nuristan province and solving the salary problems of the health personnel of Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir provinces, which is funded by the World Bank.

In response to a question, Dr. Majrooh said: 'The third wave of COVID-19 has started in Afghanistan and the necessary measures have been taken in several hospitals to deal with this situation.' He added that at present, public and private laboratories in the country are able to diagnose 25,000 patients suspected of having the coronavirus in 24 hours, and soon all the provinces of the country will be able to diagnose the coronavirus. The acting of the Ministry of Public Health provided information on the effects of the COVID vaccine and how it is applied to health personnel, military personnel, and citizens. He said that Afghanistan is one of the countries in Asia that has provided money for 41 million doses of vaccine. Furthermore, he did not consider quarantine to be a serious need in the current situation, and once again asked citizens to seek health advice to prevent the coronavirus, which is currently on the rise in neighboring countries and the region. At the session, despite a series of shortcomings in the Ministry of Public Health in the Logar incident, the Committee of Chairs praised the efforts and plans of the Ministry of Public Health in Logar province and assured that they would cooperate as soon as possible in implementing the Ministry's proposals.

Also at the beginning of the session, the Chairs of the committees decided that in tomorrow's plenary session, 9 May, in addition to the discussion on Legislative Decree 316 on (Law on Protection of Administrative Corruption Whistleblowers). The Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, the head of the Atra office, and one representative from the telecommunication networks should answer the questions of the senators about the tax collection of 10% of the telecommunication services and some related issues. Also, in the plenary session on 11 May, the report of the delegation of Meshrano Jirga on their participation in the fourth meeting of the Speakers of the Parliaments, which was held in Turkey should be presented and also, the report of the Commission on Defense Affairs from Helmand province should be heard