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04/16/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 04/16/2021 08:15

Kahoot! Poio Read launches space missions to further engage children in learning how to read

Magical space missions

Every now and then, a brand new spaceship will appear on the island in the game. Children can board it together with the Readlings, and go on an exciting space mission on a magical planet.

Here, they'll find lots of letters for their Readlings and practice tasks they are already familiar with, in addition to new game features! As if learning how to read with Poio wasn't already exciting enough, it certainly is now.

Captivating gameplay experience in Kahoot! Poio Read

Make learning to read awesome for your child today

If you haven't introduced your child to Poio just yet, there's never been a better time than now! The app is part of several of the Kahoot! subscriptions that also give you access to other awesome educational apps, such as the award-winning math games from DragonBox, and premium Kahoot! features.

To get access to Kahoot! Poio Read and other learning apps for all ages, families can sign up for a Kahoot!+ Family or Kahoot!+ Premier subscription!

If you're a teacher, you can get access to Poio and the DragonBox math apps for your family or personal use with a Kahoot! Premium+ subscription.

Are you already using Kahoot! Poio Read? Then make sure to update your app to unlock the new levels. The spaceship will appear in place of some of the straws every now and then after your child has reached 30 stars. Enjoy your space journey!