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Special DSB meeting, 15 June 2023


Special DSB meeting, 15 June 2023

Statement delivered by Mr. Davide Grespan, Minister-Counsellor

1. India - Tariff Treatment on Certain Goods in the Information and Communications Technology Sector

  1. Joint Request by the European Union and India for a decision by the DSB (WT/DS582/14)
  • India and the EU decided to continue their efforts to reach a possible amicable solution in this case.
  • In order to support these efforts, the EU and India jointly request today the Dispute Settlement Body to provide additional time for the adoption or appeal of the panel report in this dispute by adopting the draft decision of the DSB circulated to the Members on 5 June 2023 in document WT/DS582/14.
  • The DSB through the operative language in the draft decision would agree to consider the panel report, if proposed by a party for adoption in the future, under the negative consensus decision rule, unless either party were to appeal the panel report first.
  • The EU and India will use this additional time to engage in constructive discussions in order to hopefully reach a commonly acceptable solution in this case.