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12/26/2023 | News release | Distributed by Public on 12/26/2023 01:35

Embrace Clean Energy, Build a Green Future Suntech Contributes to the SDGs Festival in Shinjuku, Japan

The event was hosted by Shinjuku City with the aim of promoting the spirit of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) among the public and raising awareness of environmental protection and attracted nearly 2,000 participants, including corporations, social organizations, and the general public.

Suntech's booth was one of the cynosures of the entire event. Suntech showcased its latest solar modules for the Japanese residential market, demonstrating to the audience the efficiency and sustainability of clean energy. A creative Q&A session brought abstract energy concepts to life and succeeded in attracting the attention of many participants. Participants were able to learn about solar energy in a simple and entertaining way, thus stimulating their interest in clean energy.

In order to increase the use of renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, the Tokyo government has mandated that from April 1, 2025, new homes must be equipped with solar power systems. In addition to such mandatory requirements, the Japanese government is further promoting the popularization of household solar power generation equipment through the formulation of product standards, the provision of grants and other financial incentives. In an effort to cater for the current social environment and demand for residential PV modules in Japan, Suntech Japan Branch has been deeply engaged in the development and sale of residential PV systems in Japan for many years. Furthermore, in April 2023, Suntech stood out from the crowd with its self-developed BIPV (building integrated PV) module MSZ series products when the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan issued a certification announcement for products with excellent performance, becoming the only Chinese brand certified under the BIPV category.

Suntech has been dedicated to the field of BIPV modules in Japan for more than 20 years, and its technical team has developed a thorough understanding of the Japanese market demand. As the only foreign corporate sponsor and exhibitor of this event, Suntech has always believed that the close integration of clean energy and social welfare can bring a better and sustainable future for the earth. "Solar powering a green future!" With years of accumulation, Suntech's technical team in Japan has continually carried out product R&D and innovation in the technology center located in Nagano Prefecture, constantly providing stable clean energy solutions for thousands of households in Japan.