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10/28/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/28/2021 08:10

The new Fendt Classic Club International makes Fendt history visible

Gröblinghoff self-critically admitted that the company had not been able to devote enough attention to the topics of Fendt Classic and Fendt History in the past. "With all the demanding tasks of organizing growth and the full line at Fendt, there was too little time and capacity for these historical topics. That is about to change. With the active support of the Fendt management and all company divisions, the Fendt Classic Club International will in future revitalize the Fendt Classic scene and thus take on an important task for the Fendt brand," says Christoph Gröblinghoff.

The important subject areas and fields of action of the Fendt Classic Club International include the establishment and consolidation of an extensive Fendt archive with technical documents, photos, films, publications and drawings, an exciting presentation of Fendt history based on past highlights, cooperation with the existing regional Fendt Clubs and owners of attractive Fendt collections, the organization of Fendt Classic events and participation in Classic events representing the Fendt brand. It is also conceivable that the Fendt Classic Club will become the operator of the future Fendt Museum planned for Marktoberdorf.

"I am pleased that three former and two active Fendt employees have been elected to the first board of the Fendt Classic Club International and will be driving the first activities in the near future. We hope that the Fendt Classic Club will grow and flourish and that many members will actively work on the various topics with a great deal of passion," says Gröblinghoff.