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Energy: RSE, ENEA and CREA signed a MoU to share scientific know-how

Energy: RSE, ENEA and CREA signed a MoU to share scientific know-how

11 January 2024 Last Updated: 11 January 2024

​RSE, ENEA and CREA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to share scientific knowledge and skills and promote research and development of the energy production and consumption sectors, reconciling energy and agriculture to facilitate the pursuit of technical, environmental, economic sustainability and social inclusion goals. The agro-energy sector, due to its intrinsic characteristics, is a strategic asset for the national economy and, like other production sectors, will be called upon to contribute to the decarbonisation of the manufacturing and economic systems.

The agreement, signed by CEO of RSE Franco Cotana, General Director of ENEA Giorgio Graditi and Extraordinary Commissioner of CREA Mario Pezzotti, includes among its topics of interest agrivoltaics, thermochemical, biological processes and biotechnologies for the energy transformation of biomass, production of advanced biofuels and hydrogen and energy efficiency of agricultural and agri-food supply chains.

"Biofuels, biomethane, wood and its derivatives are biomass for energy use, mainly thermal, which today account for approximately 50% of all renewable energy generated in our country," said RSE CEO Franco Cotana. "Since these biomasses are programmable renewable energies whose availability is independent of weather conditions, they play a strategic role in the energy-environmental transition undertaken by Italy and Europe. Italy's high sustainable potential of bioenergy, not yet exploited- continued Franco Cotana - would allow a doubling of current production.

More generally, agro-energy and biohydrogen are one of the most promising and challenging sectors for decarbonisation research and technologies in the coming years, which require synergies among the protagonists of applied research like the CREA, RSE and ENEA and the adoption of a holistic and circular approach the agreement will enable to develop fully".

"Recent global events, from the pandemic to the energy crisis, to the instability of supplies, have further highlighted the key role of green energy carriers in all possible forms, in the production, services and end-use sectors. The Memorandum of Understanding aims at systematizing multi-interdisciplinary skills and experiences to contribute to the achievement of decarbonization targets, the development and implementation of sustainable agro-energy supply chain models, as well as to increase competitiveness and capacity production of companies in the sector" pointed out ENEA General Director Giorgio Graditi.

"In this context - said Prof. Mario Pezzotti, Extraordinary Commissioner of CREA - our research body can provide knowledge of agricultural practices, structure of companies, their technological level and consumption, as well as their innovation prospects and the barriers hindering investment. Furthermore, cases of excellence will be identified that can constitute an encouragement and a guide for small and medium-sized enterprises which often, not having the appropriate in-house technical and operational structures to deal with new solutions, require an appropriate support on the path towards the energy transition".

The Memorandum of Understanding will last three years and does not provide for any financial contribution for the Parties.