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Better By Bike - Rider Spotlight - R.J. Van Sant

Rider Spotlight

How long have you been bicycling and how did you get started?

I've been biking to work for about a year and a half. Although, due to COVID-19, I haven't biked for a few months. I got started when I switched jobs and my new office was Downtown and I no longer had to commute to Carlsbad, 30 miles away. I was originally biking from Ocean Beach and then moved to Bay Park and have been commuting from there for about a year.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get started going by bike?

Check the most efficient and safest route and then go for it. It's very liberating not having to worry about traffic and commute times. My commute is about 6 miles one way, so I generally bike into work and then take the bus home. It's a great option if available.

How do protected bike lanes support your commute?

Unfortunately, there aren't any protected bike lanes on my commute, but I'd love it if there were more.

Where are your favorite places to bike to in San Diego?

The beach! It's our greatest asset and it's so beautiful. I love to bike from my house around Mission Bay or down the San Diego River bike path.

What makes San Diego a great place to bike?

The weather is the best thing about biking in San Diego. You can bike pretty much 365 days a year but the infrastructure could use some work. Protected bike lanes are few and far between and San Diego is still focused on driving, but has been making progress towards promoting biking and walking and is getting better year after year.

What's the one thing you think people should know about biking?

Enjoy the freedom of not having to deal with traffic and parking while doing your part to reduce GHGs and getting a workout and commute done at the same time. You can accomplish so much with one simple ride.

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