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OVHcloud Continues Making AI Simple With New NVIDIA GPUs and Top of the Line AI Models

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  • OVHcloud Continues Making AI Simple With New NVIDIA GPUs and Top-of-the-Line AI Models
Press Release

OVHcloud Continues Making AI Simple With New NVIDIA GPUs and Top-of-the-Line AI Models

Wed, 06/05/2024 - 12:00
Press Release

Roubaix, June 5th2024 -OVHcloud, a global player and the European Cloud leader, today takes the stage at Adopt AI, France's new AI-focused event, to renew its commitment to democratize AI within organizations in line with its core values for an open, transparent and trusted Cloud. In a booming AI market, OVHcloud's vision aims to offer businesses the optimal capacity for their every AI needs through a wide range of solutions positioned at every price point. The Group's unique value proposition aims to bring simplicity to every level of the AI pipeline while addressing the growing concerns for security, data privacy and costs that could further delay AI adoption according to recent studies.

To propel AI into new territories, OVHcloud now offers a broad portfolio of NVIDIA GPUs and the latest open-source LLMs (like Mixtral 8x22B or Llama 3) available on the shelf with unmatched simplicity in a private environment. The Group relentlessly executes on its strategy focusing on the four key items that organizations need to be successful with AI: powerful yet efficient compute resources, streamlined datasets, software tooling and cutting-edge skillsets.

NVIDIA GPUs for every compute needs

Strategically designed to meet the needs of AI engineers today and tomorrow, OVHcloud solutions turbocharge projects from the creation of AI models to inferencing the very latest Large Language Models. As such, the Group now offers a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art NVIDIA GPUs in its Public Cloud universe, available on demand in ecofriendly datacenters, including the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU and NVIDIA L40S GPU. Regardless of whether they need to provision and manage GPU instances themselves or leverage them within OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes Services, MLOps Engineers can benefit from the full range of OVHcloud PaaS offerings, including Managed Databases (such as Vector DB like pgvector or Qdrant), Kafka, as well as High-performance Object Storage.

Further delivering on its ambitious AI roadmap, OVHcloud has introduced NVIDIA L40S GPUs on its Public Cloud in addition to the NVIDIA H100 and L4 GPUs which are already available. NVIDIA L40S GPUs combine powerful AI compute with best-in-class graphics and media acceleration to power a wide range of workloads from LLM inference and training to 3D graphics, rendering and video.

Dedicated Bare Metal servers now with NVIDIA L40S GPUs

Addressing the need for powerful dedicated AI servers, OVHcloud has also introduced new Bare Metal dedicated servers powered by NVIDIA L40S. Sitting in the High Grade range, the new HGR-AI-2 server targets use cases such as deep learning, machine learning and high performance computing. The range is equipped with AMD EPYC 9354 in a dual processor configuration, thus featuring 64 cores and 128 threads with 384 GB of DDR5 memory (up to 2.3 TB). To tackle serious AI workloads, new HGR-AI-2 features 2x NVIDIA L40S 48 GB GPUs with the ability to configure up to 4x NVIDIA L40S 48 GB GPUs per server.

"We are incredibly excited to further democratize AI for our Public Cloud and Bare Metal customers by offering a broad choice of NVIDIA GPU strategically selected and priced for a variety of AI workloads ranging from model training to inferencing," said Yaniv Fdida, Chief Product and Technology Officer OVHcloud.

Easy to use tools to gets hands on with AI workloads

To further simplify AI and democratize the way businesses use AI, OVHcloud AI solutions sit at every step of the AI value chain from ideation to production. The easy-to-use, AI Notebooks, AI Training and AI Deploy services act as a complete set of serverless tools designed to experiment with data, train models and put them into production. The high-level software solutions leverage industry standard technologies and are designed to assist data scientists and machine learning engineers without the need to manage complex infrastructure scaling, and with minute-by-minute billing.

New open-source Llama and Mistral models available through AI Endpoints

OVHcloud AI Endpoints is another serverless solution that enables access to a diverse set of AI models through API endpoints thus requiring little to no knowledge on the user side. Before placing their API calls, developers can benefit from a playground to test their Endpoints. Just like critically acclaimed OVHcloud AI Notebooks, AI Training and AI Deploy, AI Endpoints leverages the Group's infrastructure, fully respecting data privacy (in/out). The Group has added highly sought-after open-source LLMs like Mixtral 8x22b and Llama 3, as well as NVIDIA optimized models for tasks such as automatic speech recognition (ASR).

Pricing and availability

New NVIDIA GPUs options including NVIDIA H100, L4 and L40S are available now in the Public Cloud universe to execute AI driven projects.

New HGR-AI-2 servers with NVIDIA L40S GPU are available now in France and Canada, starting at 2969,99 euros/month.

New models including Mixtral 8x22b and Llama 3 are available now through OVHcloud AI Endpoints.


About OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a global player and the leading European cloud provider operating over 450,000 servers within 43 data centers across 4 continents to reach 1,6 million customers in over 140 countries. Spearheading a trusted cloud and pioneering a sustainable cloud with the best performance-price ratio, the Group has been leveraging for over 20 years an integrated model that guarantees total control of its value chain: from the design of its servers to the construction and management of its data centers, including the orchestration of its fiber-optic network. This unique approach enables OVHcloud to independently cover all the uses of its customers so they can seize the benefits of an environmentally conscious model with a frugal use of resources and a carbon footprint reaching the best ratios in the industry. OVHcloud now offers customers the latest-generation solutions combining performance, predictable pricing, and complete data sovereignty to support their unfettered growth.


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