Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon

07/22/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/22/2020 05:07

President Aoun reassured the health of Emir Kuwait, and met Traboulsi and Wahhab.

The President followed-up investigations of the crime of manufacturing expired chicken and meat, and ordered strict measures and withdrawal of corrupt goods from the market.

President Aoun: 'I am determined to follow-up this file till the end and I will always nutritional security and safety of citizens'.

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, continued his follow-up of the ongoing investigations of the crime of manufacturing expired chicken and meat, after a Customs force raided warehouses where corrupt goods were deposited, in Zakrit town of Northern Metn, yesterday. The President congratulated the Customs on this achievement, and asked concerned authorities to take strict necessary measures, to reveal the identity of all who is involved in this crime which affected the health of the Lebanese over the past four years, and hold them accountable to the relevant judicial authorities, as well as holding all those who prove to be involved in manipulating expiry dates of food products also accountable.

President Aoun asked for strictness in withdrawing all quantities of spoiled chicken, and meat, from markets and stores and alerting citizens to the need to inform relevant security forces, of any violation affecting food security. The President also asserted his insistence on following-up this file until the end, stressing that he will always ensure the achievement of food security, and safety of citizens.

MP Adnan Traboulsi:

President Aoun received 'Consultative Meeting' member, MP Adnan Traboulsi, today at the Presidential Palace, and discussed with him local and regional developments.

After the meeting, MP Traboulsi stated that 'The President of the Republic is striving with all his strength to relieve the suffering of the Lebanese in these harsh circumstances, which Lebanon is passing through. Lebanon has become in the middle of the storm, in an explosive environment, and I wish the President success in what he is doing, for the interest of Lebanon and its people'.

'We also discussed the achievement through the criminal audit approval, and assigning a specialized company to complete it, hoping that this procedure will deter violators, and expose perpetrators' Traboulsi concluded.

Former Minister, Wiam Wahhab:

President Michel Aoun received 'Arab Unitarian Party' chief, former Minister Wiam Wahhab.

Wahhab asserted that 'The President of the Republic is continuing his march against corruption, and he will spare no effort in this context'.

Reassuring the Health of the Emir of Kuwait:

On the other hand, the President reassured the health of Kuwaiti Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, after his recent surgery, and wished him recovery and long-term wellness.​