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06/28/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/28/2024 01:41

The JKU Circus of Knowledge: 'Fascination Sharks' Wows the Audience

"Fascination Sharks" is the third part of the successful interactive dance theater series at the Circus of Knowledge.

Fascination Sharks; photo credit: Nick Mangafas

In response to popular demand, an additional performance of "Fascination Sharks" will take place at the JKU's Circus of Knowledge Thursday, July 4, 2024, beginning at 5.00 PM. Admission is donation-based. The performance is expected to fill up quickly so please sign up in advance to attend at:

The young performers have been captivating audiences at the JKU Circus of Knowledge since opening night on June 22. Under the direction of HELIX projects director and dancer Christine Maria Krenn (who also created "Fascination Octopus" and "Fascination Jellyfish"), audiences can experience musical dance theater at its finest, featuring breathtaking imagery, impressive dance choreography, a touch of humor, and fascinating stories about our oceans. The performance is based on a new book by Michael Stavarič and Michèle Ganser.

The additional performance marks the end of the JKU Circus of Knowledge's successful season. The Circus will open its doors for the next season on September 30. In keeping with current events, the Circus will debut "Konstitution - Eine Frage der Verfassung".

Information about the production of "Fascination Sharks"

  • Choreography, director, participant:Christine Maria Krenn (HELIX projects)
  • Music:Martina Kneidinger al. Mintha
  • Sound: Julius Zwirtmayr
  • Script/Performance: Christian Scharrer, Christine Maria Krenn
  • Lighting: Andreas Berhmani
  • Animation & LED, scenery: Bermo - Lichtkunst in Bewegung
  • In cooperation with Rafal Fresel and maker austria
  • llustrations: Michèle Ganser
  • Sharks: Roger Titley