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06/07/2024 | Press release | Archived content

Contested Seas: European Security and the Fragmentation of the Maritime Order

For the past two years, disruptions to grain exports from the Black Sea, and more recently, attacks to shipping in the Red Sea have exposed the vulnerable nature of the maritime order. Today, the prosperity of open economies and societies takes for granted the unfettered use of sea lanes and the continuous flows of data and primary resources that, combined together, define physical and digital global connectivity and interdependence.

This dossier aims to interrogate how the experiences of war and major crises in the contemporary world are placing the sea at the centre of international security. It sets out to review how the different challenges to the current maritime order apply in critical theatres relevant to Europe and its sustainable prosperity.

The dossier is designed to address key themes that are shaping the transformation of the global order at sea, notably the governance frameworks that define how stakeholders behave at sea and the material capabilities enabling state and non-state actors to project power, hard and soft, across its expanses.