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03/13/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/15/2019 04:34

Digital Takeover: HT sprints with changes!


This year Digital takeover, the largest regional digital conference was held on March 12 in Zagreb's Cinestar at Branimir Center, where visitors received a rich all-day program with a series of lectures, panel discussions, and interactive innovative formats.

The conference was attended by renowned local and international experts and digital transformation leaders, such as Johan Ronnestam, Sweden's leading brand expert and innovator, and Jesper Laursen, founder of the Native Advertising Institute. They presented a wider picture of digital transformation and the latest trends. A special focus of the conference has been put on education, inspirational examples and successful concrete solutions for companies whose digital transformation enables efficiency and market positioning. The Digital Takeover mission is to empower the active role and application of individual's knowledge in the culture of continuous disruption, transformation, and innovation, with a strong influence on raising awareness of the importance of the digital society as a whole.

As the leader of the digital transformation in Croatia and the largest private investor, Hrvatski Telekom was awarded the highest investment in the development of the gigabit network, and the award was handed to the Member of the Management Board and Chief Technical and Information Officer Boris Drilo, who said: 'With this modernization, we've changed 800 of 2000 base stations and already have 5G functionality and if you have the latest generation of mobile phones you can surf twice faster than in the network of the direct competitor in Croatia.'

Ana Zovko, director of the digital and agile transformation project of Hrvatski Telekom, held an inspirational lecture titled 'How the World Changes the Innovation Strategy'. She started the lecture by asking: 'Do you stand in place or sprint with the changes? Netflix goes so far as to put the viewer in the story,' Zovko continued. 'You can choose whether you want to see a happy or a sad end of the movie. But how are you getting to Netflix in fact? How do you use new innovations? Without telecoms, there is no digital society. HT has invested billions of kunas in infrastructure and so we are preparing a new generation of 5G mobile technology. In recent years, dozens of new functionalities have been launched ... Internal disruption allows us to step out into the new markets, including banking. We will launch a system in which you will have a bank in your hand in just three clicks,' Zovko said, concluding: 'In any case, HT sprints with changes.'